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“The reason why multiculturalism exists is to pretend that
inferior cultures aren’t inferior and that superior cultures
aren’t superior. It’s a way to tell nice lies about rotten cultures
and rotten lies about great cultures.  And from this, we’ve set
ourselves up not only to believe the enemy propaganda that
‘Islam means peace’, but to propagate it ourselves, all the while
blaming ourselves for the enemy’s war on us.”
~ Bosch Fawstin


Maxime Bernier officially launches new conservative People’s Party

Former Conservative Party member Maxime Bernier announced on Friday the name of his new party, the People’s Party of Canada, and said he’s received numerous calls of people wanting to be candidates. His move came following a tumultuous year that saw Bernier repeatedly at odds with Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer, to whom he narrowly lost the party leadership race last year and who he accused of having won only due to “fake Conservatives” who Bernier said bought memberships to protect supply management.

Maxime Bernier Launches Peoples Party


There is room in Canadian politics for Maxime Bernier’s worthy experiment by Andrew Coyne

A party that proposed to end the money-go-round — to wean the country’s business class, in particular, off the public teat, to shut down the “regional development” spigots and bust up the cartels that, behind our protectionist walls, are permitted to genteelly pick our pockets — would therefore be a signal addition to our politics. And if it made life difficult for the established parties, so much the better. The market for ideas thrives on competition and choice as much as any other.


Canada now marked with a terrorism label?

As Canada continues to accept tens of thousands of refugees of questionable backgrounds from countries, allowed scores of asylum seekers to just walk across the border from the U.S and even promised to reintegrate ISIS terrorists into Canadian society, sooner or later the world was going to scream. Well the screaming has started. Canada is now being labelled as a supporter of terrorism in a story headlined: “Terrorist Threat on the U.S. Northern Border”.


Toronto jihad terror leader is in prison, but was still on social media

The former terrorist leader Zakaria Amara is locked away at Millhaven maximum-security prison, serving a life sentence for plotting Al Qaeda-inspired truck bombings in downtown Toronto. But for the past six months, a Facebook page in his name has been posting his prison photos as well as what purported to be his jailhouse prose, including a telling of what made him a terrorist. Facebook was too busy blocking and shadowbanning foes of jihad terror to pay any attention to this.


CBC says Muslims “fear scapegoating” after Muslim migrant murders Canadian girl

See how the establishment media narrative works? When Muslims murder infidels, Muslims are victims. When racist, bigoted “Islamophobes” supposedly target Muslims, Muslims are victims. And when Muslims fake “Islamophobic hate crimes,” Muslims are victims. Always and in every situation, Muslims are victims, to be appeased and accommodated in every possible way. Once you understand, we can all lock arms and march together into our glorious multicultural, diverse future.


Trudeau Was So Quick to Comment on The Hijab Hoax, Yet Remains Silent On Syrian Refugee Charged With Killing Burnaby Girl

When the Hijab Hoax first started getting reported, Justin Trudeau literally rushed to the cameras to make a statement. He used the moment to smear Canadians as ‘islamophobes,’ and said it showed a problem in our country. Trudeau turned it into a global story. Of course, we now know that the whole thing had been made up. But Trudeau never apologized for his lack of judgement or for his attacks on Canadians.

His quick response is a stark contrast from how he responded to the horrible story of a Syrian refugee Ibrahim Ali being charged with the murder of 13-year-old Burnaby girl Marrisa Shen. He hasn’t responded at all.

Hijab Hoax While Trudeau is Silent


How a Social Justice Mob Fired a Tenured Professor

The Canadian case of the moment involves a tenured associate professor of psychology at Acadia University in Nova Scotia. Professor Rick Mehta was suddenly fired from his position on August 31. The stated reason, provided to Professor Mehta in a letter from President Peter Ricketts, was: “failure to fulfill [his] academic responsibilities, unprofessional conduct, breach of privacy, and harassment and intimidation of students and other members of the University community.”


Justin Trudeau is Wrong, Diversity is not our Strength

Now we live in a time where the simple questioning of this diversity narrative from the Liberals is enough to get anyone publicly defamed and slandered in the media. It’s not healthy, and will slowly tear us apart. This is the blind “cult of diversity” that Maxime Bernier referred to.  People who will cheer the removal of a statue of Canada’s founder actually within Canada, while naming a park after a man with a much darker history, whose contribution to Canadian culture and history is zero.


Nine Eleven

Are We Remembering 9/11 or Forgetting It?

Instead of being angry at the perpetrators of 9/11, some people are angry at those who waterboarded three (only three) terrorists, including one of the chief planners of 9/11, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. As a result of information he revealed, a plot to crash a plane into the Los Angeles Library Tower was broken up, saving thousands of lives. Now known as the U.S. Bank Tower, it was the tallest building west of Chicago. In all, nearly 3,000 human beings died at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the field in Pennsylvania, while more than 6,000 were injured. The exact total will never be known. Even now, 1,113 bodies and body parts remain unidentified. To fail to remember an event of such magnitude suggests some sort of national Alzheimer’s.


Memories of Leftist Glee About 9/11

 The images of the innocent people jumping to their deaths from the Twin Towers evoked no sympathy from these individuals. Instead, they saw only poetic justice in American commercial airplanes plunging into American buildings packed with people. For my leftist acquaintances, the jihadist terror war gave promise of succeeding in a project in which Communism had failed: to obliterate the capitalist system itself. “The U.S. brought this on itself,” they stated repeatedly — and with scornful self-satisfaction.

Memories of Leftist Glee About 9/11



Tommy Robinson

Ezra Levant’s NEW interview with Tommy Robinson

 Tommy Robinson is the last lion of the United Kingdom. What he tells us in this exclusive interview is heartbreaking, enraging, inspiring, desperate. I urge you to watch this interview to fully understand what Tommy has been through and why he is a hero, an inspiration and in some ways, our last hope for freedom of speech.

This is a long YouTube but if you wish to understand what the British government is attempting to do to break the spirit and resolve of Tommy Robinson, you must listen to it. You will be utterly disgusted. Tommy Robinson has been the target of violent attacks by fellow inmates several times in British prisons. It must be assumed that his life was in imminent danger while in British custody.

And yet, they moved him to a dangerous prison where he was locked up for 23 ½ hours a day in total isolation; they blocked visits from his family and solicitors and they allowed his almost total starvation. And even after admitting they had made serious errors in his arrest, they are still having another trial beginning on September 27th.

Tommy emerged from Onley Prison looking like a prisoner of war.  He appears to be suffering from PTSD.  Where was Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, The European Union and The Human Rights Commissioner of the Council of Europe during his incarceration?  Nowhere to be found. What does that say to you?

In Tommy We Trust


ACT! For America Conference

I attended this national conference in Washington two weeks ago.  There were a number of experts on militant Islam, military leaders, congressmen and several senators there to speak. There was no hatred at this conference – only the truth spoken without rancor.   The real hatred and violence come from the leftists who cannot abide the truth – groups like Antifa, BLM, BAMN.

ACT! for America has influenced many bills which have stymied the impetus of militant Islam to take over the west (via the educational system, the political arena and the media).  If you want to know more about what is going on, read Brigitte Gabriel’s new book, “Rise, In Defense of Judeo – Christian Values and Freedom.”  What is happening in the U.S.A. is also happening here in Canada – in fact even more so!  ACT! for Canada does the same sort of work here in Canada – we need to support these brave people who work to maintain our freedom!!  Know the truth – then ACT on it.

Bridget Gabriel Rise Book


ACT for America Declares Culture War

“America is under attack.  Our country is being transformed before our very eyes,” ACT for America founder Brigitte Gabriel stated on September 4 in a ballroom in Crystal City at Virginia’s Hyatt Regency hotel. Gabriel described how, since she founded ACT in 2002, “today the national security threat is no longer confined to radical Islamic terrorism.”  ACT is not a one-trick pony; rather, the group must contend with numerous others like AntifaBlack Lives Matter, and MS-13 gangs.  Against these criminal and totalitarian organizations, “ACT for America is today the largest grassroots national security organization in the country with one million members.”


Freedom of Speech


Social Justice Warrior Loses Her Bid to Get Me Fired with Dr. Gad Saad

An intellectual terrorist was upset that I had criticized Serena Williams so she tried to get me fired. When the tide turned against her, she claimed that SHE was the victim of harassment and defamation. The depravity of such people is truly immeasurable. Do not sit idly. Fight for freedom of speech. Get engaged.


The Top Five Ways Obama Attacked the Free Press

It’s hard to imagine, given how positive the media was toward Obama, that his administration could be so antagonistic toward them. But the evidence that Obama was an enemy of the free press is astounding. The left-leaning media today may be calling Trump’s attacks on the media unprecedented, but they pale in comparison to what happened during the Obama years. Here are five examples of Obama’s attacks on the free press.


Serena, That Cartoon and the Truth About Bigotry

Anti-racism has become a moral pose, an expression of superiority, a means of showing that, unlike the vulgar and uneducated, you are ‘aware’. You understand the pain of black people and the privilege of your own white history. This is why criticism of the Serena cartoon so quickly morphed into expressions of bigotry against Australians and white people: because it is now largely through the issue of race, and of racial etiquette, that the new elites express their moral elevation over other people and even, in a neocolonial manner, over entire nations: racist Hungary, racist America, racist Australia. Again, with the irony: it used to be racism that allowed the elites to demonstrate how much better they were than inferior peoples; now ‘anti-racism’ plays a similar role.


Serena Williams Tantrum



Global Refugee Roundup: End-of-Summer Edition

From every angle that we’ve had the displeasure of examining it, the great global “refugee crisis” that started around 2011 as a result of the Syrian Civil War appears to have been deliberately foisted on First World countries by their elites as a way to force them to submit humbly to multiculturalism or risk getting beheaded at your local kebab shop.



Memo to Jordan Peterson: I’m Proud of My Forbears’ Achievements — And So I Should Be!

Jordan Peterson, on numerous occasions, has told us that we cannot rightly feel pride in something that we had no part in accomplishing. One cannot be “proud”, therefore, of Western Civilization. The whole notion of “white pride” or “Western pride” or ethno-European pride is absurd. Or so says Jordan Peterson. Jordan Peterson could not be further wrong. We can and must be proud in the achievements of those who came before us. We must cherish their legacy, and unabashedly sing its praises from the roof tops.


Immigrants Cited in Theft of 39 Million Social Security Numbers

Immigrants, it seems, have been busy little bees and stealing, with alarming and rising regularity, Americans’ Social Security numbers as means of obtaining employment and benefits, illegally in this country. By a recent count, nearly 40 million Social Security numbers have been stolen and used by illegals and others just to obtain employment.


Muslim Migration and Rape Statistics in Europe

European countries with ancient Muslim populations don’t appear to have large sexual assault rates. It’s the countries that admitted large numbers of Muslim migrants in a matter of decades that are suffering. The more open a European country is to Muslim mass migration, the more dangerous it is to women.


Dalai Lama Tells Migrants Europe Belongs to the Europeans

The exiled spiritual leader of Tibet said Wednesday that, while Europe can help refugees, “Europe belongs to the Europeans” and migrants should rebuild their homelands. The Dalai Lama made the comments at a conference in Malmo, Sweden, which has struggled with an increase in rape and violent crimes correlating to an increase in refugees from Syria and other predominantly Muslim countries.


Google, Facebook


The World’s Most Important Funeral: Google’s Answer to Trump

Forget the lamentations for John McCain.  Ditto the wailing for Aretha Franklin.  This week, we just learned about the biggest and most significant funeral dirge in the history of the world: the private and confidential gathering of tens of thousands of Google employees to mourn the election of Donald Trump. And their plans to make sure nothing like that ever happens again. All led by the people who run Google – i.e., the world.


Leaked Video:  Google Leadership’s Dismayed Reaction to Trump Election


Leaked emails prove Google colluded to throw 2016 presidential election to Hillary Clinton… “election meddling” by tech giants now an irrefutable fact

A recently uncovered chain of emails sent back and forth between executives at Google the day after the 2016 presidential election prove, without a shadow of a doubt, that the search engine giant willfully meddled with the election in an attempt to throw it in favor of failed Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.“Google alone could determine the outcome of almost any election just by altering its search selections and we would never know it,” Carlson explained during a recent segment of his show.


Facebook Bans Outline to Stop Jihadi Attacks on Americans

Facebook’s Unholy Alliance masters are, without doubt, accelerating their totalitarian suffocation of free thought and expression. It is no surprise, therefore, that Frontpage’s editor, and host of ‘The Glazov Gang,’ was suspended from Facebook for 30 days yesterday, on September 11, after posting his article, ‘9 Steps to Successfully Counter Jihad.’ The report said it appears “that daring to give suggestions on how our civilization can stop jihadist attacks and another 9/11 is against Facebook’s ‘community standards.’”


The Latest Facebook Ban: An Article by Respected Author Phyllis Chesler Against Radical ‘Feminism’

Yesterday we learned the legal term “illegal alien” was now banned on Twitter. And #WalkAway founder Brandon had his Facebook page suspended for several weeks after he mentioned “Infowars” in his posting. And now this…Facebook blocked a post on “feminism” posted by author Phyllis Chesler.


Around the World


Foreboding letter from French Minister gives serious warning about Islam in 1928

This intellectual movement known as the “Salafi” movement tends to realise reforms in the religious order which must return the practices of worship to the purity of primitive Islam,” the letter says. It explains that the movement is already “very active in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia” and adds that communist agitators are interested in it as a way to disturb the established order and cause confusion. Now, 90 years later Salafism is growing massively in several European countries as reports from BelgiumGermanySwedenFrance and the Netherlands show.



Hungary’s Orban to EU: “You condemn us because we are not a nation of migrants”

The EU is in the process of deliberations on whether to strip Hungary of “key” EU rights because of that country’s policies on immigration. Hungarian leader Viktor Orban delivered  a “fiery speech to European lawmakers in Strasbourg,” stating that he will not give in to EU “blackmail.” “Hungary is going to be condemned because the Hungarian people have decided that this country is not going to be a country of migrants.” Calling the proceedings an “insult” to his nation, Orban called Hungary the “defender of Europe” and spoke of its “different view on Christianity in Europe, the role of nations and national culture.”



Pakistan: New Government Fails to Support Minorities

Radical Islamists took to the streets of Pakistan on September 1, to protest Prime Minister Imran Khan’s appointment of former Princeton University scholar Atif Mian, a minority Muslim of the Ahmadiyya faith, to the Economic Advisory Council (EAC). Demanding that Mian be removed from the EAC, a key forum that advises the prime minister on economic issues, demonstrators threatened to lock down Pakistan’s major cities, including Islamabad, its capital.



Deporting Muslim Refugee Synagogue Firebomber Would Violate his Rights

A Swedish court of appeals overturned a deportation order against a Palestinian man who firebombed a synagogue, saying he’d be in danger from Israel because of his crime if sent to the Palestinian Authority. Welcome to Sweden, where Muslim synagogue firebombers have all the rights and Jewish worshipers have none.



The White Helmets are a part of Al-Qaeda, don’t let them resettle in Europe – Syrian MP interview

“The White Helmets are a fake make up for known terror groups mainly al-Qaeda’s branch in Syria, the Nusra Front. Most of WH’s are Qaeda terrorists and all of its bases are within areas controlled by the Nusra. Their job is to demonize the Syrian army, beautify jihadi gangs, and provide NATO with fabricated hoaxes in order to attack Syria.”


Who are the White Helmets?

The logical first step to the problems with the”White Helmets” is to stop funding them. Their close cooperation with jihad organizations such as Jabat al-Nusra, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham and Nour Al Din Zinki in itself constitutes sufficient reason to stop funding them. Latest: The US government just stopped funding the White Helmets. Further, it would be appropriate to request that the White Helmets document in detail how they spent the lavish funding they already received.


The White Helmets

This video is an interview with a British journalist who travelled through Syria and Aleppo. Her story differs radically from what the Obama Administration and the “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” wants everyone to believe,



Torture, Sexual Abuse Rampant in Prisons

Inmates in a jail in Sanliurfa in southeast Turkey tell of the plight of 27 year old Uğur Yeloğlu who they say has been isolated and tortured so badly since his imprisonment seven months ago that his level of functioning is like that of a baby. For the sake of the victims of torture and abuse in Turkish jails and prisons, let us hope that those institutions heed this desperate appeal and hold the Erdoğan government accountable.


United Kingdom

UK: Jihad preacher Anjem Choudary to be freed from jail despite remaining “highly dangerous”

UK Prisons Minister Rory Stewart has warned that Islamic hate preacher “Anjem Choudary still poses a ‘genuinely dangerous’ threat to public safety” and that his “planned release next month is ‘a danger to us all as he remains a deeply pernicious, destabilising influence.’” Yet he is being released anyway, affecting public safety and adding to public fears. Choudary’s preaching is said to have inspired many jihadists, including the London Bridge attacker, but he was only given a 5-and-a-half year sentence — a reflection how low a priority the safety of the British public is for British officials. The same low priority was reflected in the cover-ups of the Muslim rape gangs.


United States

Federal grand jury indicts New Mexico compound jihadis, alleges they planned terror attacks

An indictment, which was filed this afternoon, charges the five residents of a compound in Amalia, in Taos County, N.M., with conspiring knowingly to provide an alien illegally and unlawfully in the United States, possession of firearms and ammunition. The indictment also charges Leveille, a Haitian national illegally and unlawfully in the United States, with possession of firearms and ammunition. It is good to see the feds get one right for a change, and correct the outrageous mishandling of this case by New Mexico authorities.


The Trump Doctrine and the End of the ‘New World Order’

The Trump administration has forced Europe to do what the EU largely failed to do for 30 years, which is to take a seat at the table. For many years after Bush Sr. brought his new world order, the European powers accepted US leadership and preferred to let the US make mistakes and then critique the US, but not to take the baton and run with it themselves. The team of Bolton, Pompeo and Brian Hook, who handle Iran, and the team of Jared Kushner, Jason Greenblatt and David Friedman, who pioneer Israel-Palestinian policy, have a goal. The goal is to reverse decades of what they see as appeasement.


The 10 Greatest Americans of My 8 Decades

 Recently, New York’s Governor Cuomo brashly asserted that America “was never that great.” So, for Mr. Cuomo, here is a list of those I consider the ten greatest Americans of my lifetime as I nudge closer to my 80th birthday.  A list like this is quite subjective.  I selected those whose significant impact on American greatness cannot be denied.  It was extremely difficult to boil it down to ten.  So, I have included thirty others – any one of whom could have justifiably been in the Top 10.

Ten Greatest Americans in the Last Eighty Years

Other Articles

9 Steps to Successfully Counter Jihad

We are reprinting below Frontpage editor Jamie Glazov’s July 12, 2016 Breitbart article, “9 Steps to Successfully Counter Jihad”. Having written the article in the closing chapter of the disastrous Obama administration, the author recognizes and celebrates the life-saving turn-around disposition that the Trump administration has brought in to counter Jihad. Frontpage is most confident that the suggested steps below will continue to be the overall focus of the new administration — which, thankfully, is now taking many of the crucial and constructive steps vis-à-vis our enemy.


A Metaphor about Islam

While so-called peaceful Muslims are generally silent, either out of fear, lack of organization, or apathy, violent and supremacist Muslims work around the clock and around the world to further their agenda. Hardly a week passes without a Grand Mufti or an Ayatollah who issues pronouncements in support of extremist Islam. The rank-and-file Islamic clergy, for their part, transmit these fatwas and edicts to their flock in mosques and hammer them into the minds of impressionable children in madrassahs.


“Political Islam” and “Extremist” Terrorism by Rachel Ehrenfeld

 The threat of jihadist attacks in the U.S. and elsewhere is on the rise. Fighting to destroy jihadist groups like al Qaeda, ISIS, and Hezbollah, to name a few, is a must. But the fight against “extremist” Islamic terrorism cannot be won unless the root-cause and the precursor for jihadist terrorism, Political Islamic ideology, is identified, countered and erased.


US commander warns that Islamic State jihadis returning to the West will “try to carry out terrorist attacks”

The most senior British military officer in the coalition against Isis has warned that violent jihad is far from over and threats of attacks remain potent in the region and beyond it to the west, including Britain. Every Western country faces the same threat, especially those with open borders. Canada’s Justin Trudeau even made the case that “ISIS fighters could be a powerful voice for Canada.”

 Under the Thumb of Radical Islamists

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