C3RF Tweets – Oct 3, 2018

ISNA Canada President says nothing wrong with sharia or a caliphate. What about unequal treatment of women, non-Muslims, apostates, homosexuals… Might not be a problem in Saudi Arabia, but Canada? https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1047617900851355648

Brandeis University creates fund dedicated to fighting Islamophobia and promoting Islamic values. Makes one wonder what values will be promoted. Death to apostates? Death to homosexuals? Lop-sided inheritance laws? https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1047563617334222848

Bruce Bawer notes that, as #freespeech is “balanced” away, the walls on Western society continue to “close in”.

Food for thought?

New “pronouns day” holiday supported by over 50 colleges in U.S. Need to draw attention to pronouns folks use to describe others. Why not just throw miscreants that fail to do so properly in the slammer?

Oh oh. New CAQ Partty in Quebec will ban hijabs in public service and reduce immigration by 20%. Were these the ballot box questions that brought them to power? How come this was never mentioned by MSM? Has MSM lost control of the narrative? https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1047495057341730816

Quite the speakers list coming to Toronto this weekend. How is it that they can cross into Canada when anti-jihad speakers like “Wild Bill” Finlay get turned back at the border?

Greek refugee camp being ruled by Syrian gang sympathetic to ISIS. Sharia law is the order of the day. Will any find themselves in Canada under expanded migration program? Could we even discuss without being Islamophobic? https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1047489471753543680

Australian jihadi confesses to recruiting others to commit car and knife jihad. Wanted Muslims to rule the land and force all to convert or leave the country. As per sharia law?

UK Father accused of racism for complaining about daughter’s homework assignment on converting to Islam. First, is Islam a race? Second, should any religion receive such favour in public school?

Nigeria. 17 Christians slaughtered by jihadis. Include 4 children and one grandmother.

The brilliant Major Stephen Coughlin (Ret’d) on the conditions required to control speech. First, the “narrative” must control the law. Is this how terrorist attacks become more about public “hate speech” responses than it does the act itself? https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1047486418526728192