C3RF Tweets – Sept 6, 2018

Makes one think. Just what “common interests” did they share in their 2006 meeting? https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1037729898742276097
Everyday German folk take their MSM to task. Fake news apparently does exist and it is reflected in the persistently biased reportage coming from national media outlets. Are they supervising thinking? What about Canada’s media? https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1037726085021032448
Just who is the real “crazytown”?
Has it gotten so bad that Canada’s support for the UN taints it with an anti-Semitic brush? https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1037721915820003328
Can we talk about the inane policies floated by Canada at last June’s G7 meeting without being genderphobic? Is righting the “gender imbalance” in Canada’s energy sector really such a problem? Any wonder meeting ended with Trump waving bye to NAFTA?
Why the lack of diversity in the ranks of UK rape gang suspects? Could it really be related to Islamophobia? https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1037706410883080192
Who coulda forseen this? South African economy plunges into recession lead by agricultural non-production. https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1037705447757635587
Good Shep…
Mark Bonokowski lauds Premier Ford’s efforts to bring free speech to Ontario universities. He wonders if “peoplekind” Trudeau is a product of the modern Canadian university system? Are more “mush-minded” leaders being produced as we speak?
Is on campus “safetyism” leading to rising mental health issues? Would we be better off pursuing “antifragility” measures to toughen up the next generation? Should we take a look at the “who” and “why” of campus censorship and student coddling?
Breath of fresh air? Ford axes Liberal appointees and their ample salaries. Was it a mistake to ax Ontario’s “special advisor on climate change” and his $146.7K annual wage?
South African politician warns West to keep hands off white farmer expropriation efforts. Has South Africa simply replaced one set of racists for another? Where is the 1980’s outrage that defeated Aparthied in South Africa? https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1037697410774970368
Indonesia – men and women banned from dining together unless they are married or related. Oh yes, lone women will not be served after 9 PM. Good rules for making Canadian women “more well behaved”? Does PM Trudeau still see sharia compatible with West?
Criticize public caning in Mallaysia and you risk being labelled “anti-Islamic” and suffering the results. Isn’t being “anti-Islamic” the same as being Islamophobic? Was this the intent of Motion M-103? https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1037692820914495489
Hungary asks the question on the minds of all citizens concerned by irresponsible, unvetted, mass migration – what is wroung with the Swedes?
Two ISIS supporters in UK try to circumvent the rules of Islamic martyrdom. Plan to use driverless cars to commit acts of jihad.
What’s going on in Australia? MP lobbies for hate preacher to be granted a visa. Are Western liberal democracies obligated to import state problems?  Islamophobic to discuss? https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1037689708149534722
Could it be that the Gaza “march of return” was staged to save Hamas from having to deal with internal problems? Wouldn’t know from MSM reportage.