C3RF Tweets – Sept 9, 2018

Rotherham “rape gang” trial proceeds. Court hears one victim raped more than 100 times before the age of 16. https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1038859037008265216

Twitter moves against Benghazi hero Kris Paronto. Time for anti-trust legislation? https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1038858407824961536

A month of Islam in America. A very busy August, 2018. “If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” ~ George Washington https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1038854708079734784

A disturbance of the peace? No? https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1038797290624831490

Ouch!. Tell us how you really feel Kris. Would be great to see the whole truth and nothing but the truth emerge from Benghazi. Best.

Gender identity and expression ideology is so engrained in the ruling class that no contradiction can be acknowledged or considered. Better to let the ideology create victims than shine a light on it. https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1038795302801629184

Raymond Ibrahim offers a consolidated view of the jihad against Christiandom and Christian freedom. Is this more worthy of discussion in Canada than Islamophobic.

William Kilpatrick offers up a review of Raymond Ibrahim’s book the “Sword and the Scimitar”. Does hard evidence actually confirm ISIS’s stated belief that they are simply “a continuation of Islamic history”? https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/103879169908491878

Anni Cyrus gives a four minute presser on the difference between the Quran, Sunnah and Hadith.

More stabbing of tourists in Europe. This time a Libyan stabs two Germans in Spain. Knife jihad? Is the answer the Institution of knife control measures like in UK.

Sharia in Finland. Brother beats teenage sister for not wearing hijab. Thought wearing of hijab was all about persoanl freedom? https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1038783108089147392

Unbelievable story from Egypt as a husband forces FGM on his wife and then beats her for not satisfying him. Do such practices have a place in Canada? https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1038782490263965696

Swedish election today. Look for an upset. Guess we know who ISIS doesn’t like. https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1038781355637661698

How far have our security services fallen? Are they too politicized? https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1038780514260283393

The Clarion Project on education versus indoctrination in the American school system. Apply to the Canadian as well? https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1038779548853125120

Margaret Wente wonders where academic freedom went, particularly when it comes to work critical of gender identity theory. Certainly seems ideology trumps the well being of young teenage girls. https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1038598477347938310