C3RF Tweets – Sept 13, 2018

Actually, the presentation of the video was quickly followed by his confession. https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1040367788806692866
Disgusting indeed. It’s as though it’s not that bad as the alleged killer (also rapist and paedophile?) was a “normal guy” with “no criminal record”. Do the folks propagating these excuses have hearts? Brains? Self-serving agendas? https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1040366985794609152
It’s worse than this. You can’t even talk about what might be wrong with the refugee system without being called names like bigot and Islamophobe.
Alleged killer of Marissa Chen a “normal guy”. Just a “one of”, “random act” – nothing to worry about here. How silly are you to worry about why this guy slipped through refugee screening. Or even if he was screened. https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1040358042301153280
Somali Muslim cop hired by Minneapolis PD who shot Australian woman was flagged beforehand as unsuitable. Points for the fight against Islamophobia but Department scores zero for “serving and protecting”? https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1040356242504347648
Poll indicates that vast majority of self-described conservatives see Facebook as biased against their political beliefs. One third leaving Facebook or considering it. Time for anti-trust legislation? https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1040314090504118272
What a shame and a blight on the UK justice system. Tommy Robinson does not believe he will escape jail when he goes back to court on 27 Sep, 2018. Just too Islamophobic?
Is the MSM confounding guaranteed and fundamental freedom of speech rights when it withholds and colours the information they pass on to Canadians? Should something be done about such demonstrated bias? Guess we could just stop using, or at least believing, the product.
Former Toronto mayors decry Premier Ford’s use of the “notwithstanding” clause. Elections yes, but there is also “the rule of law”. Wait a minute, isn’t the “notwithstanding” clause part and parcel of our ruling Constitution? https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1040267475609378816
For Toronto folks. Hopefully this show of respect and condolence will not be taken as an act of Islamophobia. While we’re at it, can our immigration vetting procedures be restored to the time when they did protect our daughters? https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1040249419835174917
Were judges ruling in accordance with the Constitution when they “balanced away” fundamental rights to freedom of religion and conscience in the Trinity Western University case? All to appease sensibilities of LGBT community? Judges rule? https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1040248415420997632
Interesting. Is Premiere Ford hitting a nerve with his use of the “notwithstanding” clause. Are folks sick of judges who “make it up”? Remember in 2016 when the Supreme Court of Canada made most acts of bestiality legal. Not kidding. https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1040247021188177920
Does Faith have a point. Should the MSM be covering her platform? Is the MSM about #freespeech or correct speech? https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1040244499790741506
PM Orban gives fiery spech to EU on eve of punishment for not accepting “economic migrants? Hungary will defend its borders, its national traditions and will not submit to blackmail. Breath of fresh air?
UK jihad preacher, Anjem Choudary, to be released from jail even though “genuinely dangerous”. Just wondering, if jihad is “holy war” should he be incarcerated as a POW until the end of hostilities? https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1040226079170908160
Syrian Christian town attacked by al Qaeda-affiliated rebels. 10 dead 20 injured. Syrian government controls town and retaliates. Just who are the bad guys here? https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1040224162185240576
Egyptian man arrested for having breakfast with a woman in Saudi Arabia (clutching of pearls here). This is moderization? Sharia compatible with Canadian meal traditions? https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1040222283720093696
Canadian MSM turns tragic Marissa Chen murder into a pity-fest for Syrian refugees – which the alleged murderer apparently was. Would it be more productive to call for a return of effective vetting procedures to weed out such barbarians?
Trump admin rejects EU human rights agency code of conduct that restricts free speech on topics including sharia, jihad violence and unfettered immigration. Might cause violent people to be violent. https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1040216463783522304
Academic freedom hits a new low? Is Premier Ford’s university and college #freespeech initiative late-to-need? https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1040005817771020288
Has the Premier opened the door on a Charter-approved way to deal with judicial activism? With the Supreme Court “balancing” away religious rights in TWU decision https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/trinity-western-supreme-court-decision-1.4707240  and ruling for beastiality https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/bestiality-legal-canada-supreme-court-a7073196.html … should it be used more?
Raises the question, why is the MSM so fearful of presenting all sides of the debate on global jihad? Are they doing their job? https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1040002734458433536
Why do UK authorities hate Tommy Robinson so much. Too much #freespeech for them to handle? https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1040001254800252928