C3RF Tweets- Sept 15, 2018

Sharia law in practise? The “Imam of peace” comments.

NYT opines about the Canadian “notwithstanding” clause. A notion that flumoxes Americans who remain secure in the fact that their individual rights are “inalienable”. Not so in Canada, though, as these rights can be “balanced” away by the courts. https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1040954317639843842

#freespeech victory as Facebook ban on Jamie Glozov lifted. Apparently it was a mistake.

Are Australian feminists “pathetic” for not supporting a burka ban? Controversial Australian Senator Pauline Hanson thinks so. Believes they are hypocrites for standing up for women’s equality rights while abandoning those forced to cover up. https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1040940006041247749

Does not drawing Mohammad make the world more Islamic? Bosch Fawstin explains. https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1040938594435719170

Good logical points raised. Concern over safety and security is not racism. Why was she called racist in the first place? https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1040796698128277505

Google scientist resigns over company’s complicit, anti-free speech policies on behalf of China. This as Google works to stymy conservative voices and personalities. Whose side are they on? Time for anti-trust legislation? https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1040785107576008704

Conrad Black claims Ford’s “notwithstanding” declaration is just the thing that Canadian politics needs. Will serve much needed notice to an out-of-control judiciary. Does he have a point?

Protesters gather outside Vancouver courthouse before Marrisa Shen murder suspect arrival. Claim Syrian refugee was not vetted properly and chants “where’s Trudeau”. https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1040782495568916480

This is interesting. Until now “hate speech” has been something that only “Islamophobes” involve themselves in.

Another “jihad by vehicle” attack in France. More “mental illness”? Would it be Islamophobic to assume otherwise? https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1040637130756612096

Extended interview with Tommy Robinson on his latest sojourn in Her Majesty’s prison system. Is “Jolly Old”, the home of #freespeech, turning into a gulag? Is Canada far behind?


Harrowing story. Happy ending. Faith in humanity restored. Can somebody help #freetommy escape the UK gulag? https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1040621894813118465

British commander says returning ISIS fighters will attempt jihad at home. Wait a minute, PM Trudeau said they would be “powerful voices for de-radicalization”. Who to believe? https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1040614032812568581

How odd is this? Convicted Canadian terrorist maintains a Facebook presence from jail even as conservative voices are censored and shut  down. Whose side is Facebook on anyway? #freespeech for terrorists only? https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1040613321169227776

There would be no Charter without the “notwithstanding” clause. Three western premiers; Lougheed, Blakeney and Lyon, would have it no other way as they saw a need to constrain a potential activist judiciary. Were they not correct? https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1040416078873034752

Is the good doctor transphobic as our political, media and security (yes, even Canadian military) would have us believe or does she just have the facts on her side? https://twitter.com/CC_CRF/status/1040388312295325696