It is hard to believe that Trudeau could have done anything more foolish than inviting failed asylum-seekers who were staying in the U.S. to come to Canada in 2017.

However, by recently extending his welcome to a Saudi female teenager who does not get along with her parents, he has potentially opened Canada’s borders even wider and may have unwittingly created another  massive crisis for himself and all of Canada.

Here is some of the damage already done.

According to the Immigration and Refugee Board, close to 40,000 “Irregulars” (illegal immigrants) accepted Trudeau’s foolish invitation and crossed Canada’s border illegally, almost all at the Quebec/New York State border.  That’s about 20,000  in each of the years 2017 and 2018.    The exact figures are about 18,059 in 2017 and 19,419 in 2018. See

What about the costs? According to Canada’s Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO), Parliament’s Financial watchdog, the average cost for each irregular migrant who entered Canada in 2017 and 2018 was $14,321 per irregular migrant for the entire claim process. That will increase to $16,666 in 2019-20. This amounts to a total variable cost of $340 million in 2017-18. That cost would rise to $396 million in 2019-20.

The total includes all costs beginning from the initial port of entry into Canada to the final decision from the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB) and/or Federal Court, as well as removal costs.

The cost per migrant can vary depending on the determination of the eligibility of the asylum claim. For an irregular migrant that entered Canada in 2017-18, the PBO estimates that the cost to the federal government can vary between $9,915 and $33,738. The lower cost is incurred in cases where the asylum claim is accepted at the first hearing, while the higher cost relates to claims which are initially denied, and the claimant exhausts all appeal options and is ultimately removed from Canada.

The PBO undertook a sensitivity analysis of future variable costs relating to irregular migration. These costs are projected to be between $208 million and $538 million for Fiscal Year 2018-19, and between $211 million and $609 million for 2019-20.

To further compound the Quebec / New York State fiasco, Trudeau set up an RCMP office on the border to handle all claims by people continuing to cross our border there.

According to a senior retired immigration official, instead of doing that, Trudeau should have stopped the bleeding by negotiating an “INSTANT RETURN” policy with American authorities for  these illegal entrants. Canada’s position should have been  that those failed claimants had started their refugee claim process in the U.S. Therefore, the U.S. should finalize its dealings with these failed claimants by returning them to their home countries. For most of these people, that should have been Canada’s “SO LONG” proclamation!  The cost to any of these people of a subsequent return to Canada would have been prohibitive.

Since Trudeau took office in 2015, he has spent an enormous amount of time apologizing to ethnic groups for so-called “historical wrongs”. Trudeau’s biggest problem is that he knows little, if anything about any of Canada’s history and has relied on highly-biased ethnic sources to justify his apologies. If anything, he should be spending the rest of his months in office apologizing to all Canadians for having wasted so much of the first 45+ years of his life. He also should also apologize to all of Canada for having tried to sound educated and erudite by making his unprecedentedly stupid statement that “Canada is the world’s first post-national state.” As Trudeau is learning, that sentence and his  2017 “Welcome” to fake refugee claimants who had been rejected by U.S. refugee authorities will cost him dearly.  His appointment of incompetent Immigration Minister Hussen (a Somali refugee who seems intent on creating another Somalia here) will compound Trudeau’s troubles. At the time of his appointment, Hussen  taunted Canadians to accept the NEW NORMAL of 350,000+ immigrants per year!! He continues to show contempt for Canada.

Trudeau’s  many equally-treacherous actions against Canada’s majority population have solidly established him as Canada’s undisputed First Official National Fool, not as Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister.

If word of Trudeau’s latest action (giving refugee status to a Saudi Arabian female teenager who did not get along with her parents) spreads, Canada could face another major disaster : a huge inflow of refugee claims from immature foreign teenagers. That will make the crazy and crooked refugee claims made by huge numbers of Sikhs, Chinese, Sri Lankans, Muslims and other ethnic groups look sensible.

Here is the key point in this situation :  By accepting the excuse given by the Saudi teenager (and having Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland support him with an equally ridiculous statement), Trudeau has further extended Canada’s definition of those it accepts under the term “refugee”. This is  another extremely foolish precedent. And there seem to be signs of even more foolishness on the horizon.  As a result of political and economic turmoil in Venezuala, Trudeau may soon create even more foolish extensions. If there is one thing that Trudeau is adept at, it is in making stupid decisions.

Stay tuned!