What The “Territorial Declaration” About Reconciliation Really Means

What The “Territorial Declaration” About Reconciliation With First Nations Really Means

Most Canadians probably do not know that a large number of public meetings  conducted by elected officials in British Columbia and in many other parts of Canada now begin with a “Territorial Declaration” statement. If they knew, they would probably demand that the reading  of that ‘Territorial Declaration” end immediately .

Supposedly, the reason for making that Territorial Declaration is to comply with “Reconciliation” policies that Canada is implementing to fit with recommendations made in Canada’s “Truth and Reconciliation Report”.

According to Suzanne Hoffman, Vancouver’s Superintendent of schools (about 110 schools with close to 55,000 students), the following “Territorial Declaration”  is read at the beginning of Vancouver School Board meetings :

“I acknowledge that we are gathered on the traditional unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh Coast Salish People.”  (The Musqueam.. are the names of First Nations groups that lived in the Vancouver area long before Europeans settled there. ) The word  “unceded” means never formally transferred, sold  or given to European settlers.

Ms. Hoffman added the following : “Many of the schools will begin their assemblies with a similar statement.”

For those unfamiliar with the word “assembly”, here is a definition of that word : a gathering of the entire student population of a school in a school auditorium. The principal of a school usually chairs an assembly.

Here is an important question : Why should Canadians object to the Territorial Declaration ? Here is the answer : the Declaration is politically-charged. It is a partisan attack on the society which created the modern political entity called Canada. It pretends to work at settling land and resource conflict between First Nations and Canada’s majority population. Instead, it continues the psychological warfare aimed  at undermining  the achievements and the confidence of Canada’s European-based population. Ultimately, it wants Canada’s European-based population to accept relentless, unjustified and unnecessary high immigration (now around 370,000 immigrants per year) and the transfer of the land mass called Canada not to first Nations, but to aggressive new immigrants. In a few words, the Territorial Declaration is a command to Canada to commit “Territorial and Cultural Suicide”.

According to Canada’s immigration industry (self-interested and corrupt immigration lawyers, immigration advocates, some ethnic groups and their supporters) which has hatched this policy,  Canada should continue to accept a huge inflow of Chinese, Sikhs, Muslim Brotherhood Muslims and other new immigrants. The huge problem with doing that is that these people have demonstrated that their countries of origin are virtual failed societies.  Most of these new arrivals will begrudgingly admit that Canada  is a much more successful society and  far superior in social development to China, India’s Punjab, all Muslim Brotherhood-dominated states and most other parts of the Third World. However, most Canadians can see that if relentless unjustified high immigration continues, the inevitable result of the relentless inflow of these newcomers will be to reduce Canada to a copy of newcomer societies.

In order  to accomplish immigration industry goals, it relies on the Vancouver School Board and gullible groups to believe that the Territorial Declaration demonstrates compassion to  First Nations people. However, the Territorial Declaration implies the following very uncompassionate message  to students of a European background in Vancouver’s school system : “If you want to survive, accept Territorial  Declarations and other immigration industry intentions or else!!”

As for school-age new immigrants who hear the “Declaration”,  the Territorial Declaration’s message is that newcomers should be hostile to Canada’s European-based population.  In fact, the following is a blunt, but accurate “translation” of the Territorial Declaration to school-aged immigrants : “Canada’s European-based (Old Stock) population has no right to be here. In addition, that population has no right to defend itself from new immigration or to complain about the negative effects of new immigration on Canada. Take over Canada !! The faster and sooner,  the better.”

Most Canadians will  concede that Canada has territorial claims to settle with First Nations groups. But they would also say that taking political advice from crude Mainland Chinese, Sikhs and Muslim Brotherhood Muslims is insane, to say the least. It is obvious  that these groups have come to Canada to claw and grasp for plunder. For example, the Chinese have almost single-handedly conducted an assault on Metro Vancouver’s housing stock. The result is that long-term residents who have entered the housing market recently are burdened with unbearable mortgage debt and  rents. For younger Old Stock Canadians, the Chinese assault has made ownership of such a basic need as shelter unachievable.

How did this happen? Canada’s disastrous Entrepreneur Immigrant program brought hundreds of thousands of Chinese of questionable wealth here. That was not the only big negative in that program. Almost all of these Chinese did not comply with their obligation to create employment here. Yet they took full advantage of Canada’s education system and other benefits for their children.  As for Muslim Brotherhood Muslims, they have written on paper their intention to destroy and replace North American society with their political ideology. Lastly, as for Sikhs, after having fraudulently entered Canada as far back as 1913,  committed the largest mass murder in Canadian history in 1985, and created drug-dealing mayhem in parts of Metro Vancouver and other parts of Canada for decades, the Sikhs recently duped Parliament to declare April as “Sikh Heritage Month” in Canada!!

Strange as it sounds, sane members of even these three groups can see that Canada has ignored the damage these people have done and instead granted them huge benefits and rapid social mobility. The even larger problem for Canada is that these newcomers have undoubtedly done this at the expense of thousands of Old Stock Canadians and with the congratulations of sycophantic university presidents (at UBC and SFU particularly)  and grovelling politicians.

The overarching point is that these new arrivals are committed to increasing their numbers and power. Their goal is to take Canada. They search for dupes like Trudeau who has evolved into Canada’s Official National Fool and Quisling.  And they find many takers. They present their Territorial Declaration under the guise of helping Canada’s First Nations. The blunt truth is that these newcomers will gladly cut the throats of all First Nations people. They are interested in Territory. In fact, their sole purpose is to take all of Canada’s territory for themselves.

Here is another crucial point : If Canada’s First Nations think they will be treated better by new immigrants than by Canada’s majority population, they should think again. Canada’s new immigrants come from such “models of human development” as Mainland China;  “utopias” like  the Punjab; and “paradises” like the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Muslim-ruled countries where political corruption is deeply and almost irrevocably entrenched.

Some First Nations leaders have already seen their own people being displaced by new immigrants and have justifiably objected to mass immigration. We congratulate them on their insight.  However, many First Nations leaders have been silent, largely a result of the kind of intimidation that Canada’s majority population has suffered. https://immigrationwatchcanada.org/2010/11/10/for-remembrance-day-first-nations-slam-ottawa-and-provinces-for-forgetting-them-and-favoring-unnecessary-immigrants/

Let us summarize : “Territorial Declarations” are a foolish precedent which neither the Vancouver School Board nor any other elected Canadian entity should ever have contemplated— let alone implemented. Such declarations will not contribute to Reconciliation. In fact, they  will add to the indignation and hostility that both Canadians of European ancestry and First Nations feel about unjustified, relentless and foolish high immigration. “Territorial Declarations” should end immediately.


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