It’s time to disengage from China

It’s time to disengage from China

A review by IWC writer Van Ireland of the book titled “Stealth War : How China Took Over While America’s Elite Slept”. Its author is Retired U.S. Air Force Brigadier General Robert Spalding.

Brigadier General Spalding’s intent in this 2019 publication is is to sound a “call to arms”.

The author’s facts and details should make any freedom-loving, clear-thinking person living in a democracy, afraid and deeply concerned. We MUST disengage from China completely and never allow their 5G technology into Canada. We must limit the numbers of Chinese students or ban them completely until the Chinese Communist Party has been replaced with a democratic government.

Globalization (born out of western corporate greed) has been a 20+ year experiment that has gone terribly wrong. Its promoters (Wall Street, the Business Council of Canada and other similar organizations) have claimed that globalization would lift millions out of poverty, but instead a few have filled their own pockets with billions of dollars. and transferred the manufacturing industry of Canada, the U.S. and other western countries to China. Spalding says that the CCP and People’s Liberation Army (PLA) use three major strategies in their war against the West : (1) stealth, following the stratagems laid out by Sun Tzu, a Chinese military strategist of the 5th Century B.C. ; (2) techniques described in a 1999 book called “Unrestricted Warfare” written in 1999 by two PLA colonels, Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui whose primary concern is to show how a nation such as China can defeat a technologically-superior opponent and (3) “Infiltration by Tuition” by Chinese students into the West’s universities and the creation of Confucius Institutes, both of which function as an arm of the Chinese state.

Spalding doesn’t directly speak about immigration, but points out the potential for every Chinese person (who has immigrated to the West from China) to be a spy for China because the CCP thinks of them all as ultimately beholden to the CCP. The CCP does not hold back in pressuring offshore Chinese to do its bidding. The Confucius Institutes that the CCP has been funding in our universities are engaged in censorship and promoting the CCP’s cause. “Specifically, North American universities permit Confucius Institutes to advance a state agenda in the recruitment and control of academic staff, in the choice of curriculum, and in the restriction of debate.” (P.140)

On Page 141, he cites some dramatic figures about Chinese Student infiltration : “More that 350,000 students were enrolled in US universities in 2017. That means that 32.5 percent of the total 1.08 million international college students in the United States were from China.” He goes on to break down the impact of tuition. “That’s more than $10 billion being pumped into the US higher education system. And considering that that figure doesn’t factor in room, board, travel, or entertainment, it appears that China’s college students are a significant player. Spalding does not mention that the American Academy of Sciences has calculated that although the numbers might sound economically favorable to Americans, American taxpayers actually subsidize, for example, up to $12,000 the education of every International Graduate student (Chinese and others) in American universities.

Worse still, sinister work accompanies the money. Chinese students are contacted by Chinese diplomats and business representatives and instructed to obtain “useful technology.” Spalding provides a hypothetical situation where a university like NYU might hire outspoken critics of Beijing to teach classes. What would happen if “China threatens to pull all funding for Chinese students at NYU who pay…$47,000 each in tuition to the private university? That would be $141 million in vanished revenue.

He cites a disturbing example on Page 142 of a professor at Berkley who spotted the Chinese Consul General on campus and asked what he was doing there. “Oh nothing”, came the reply. Spalding goes on to describe how the professor followed the Chinese Consyl General and observed him walk into a meeting of Chinese students. “The professor watched as the visiting Consul General warned the Chinese students not to forget where they came from. “We’re watching you, and you need to be good. You need to be faithful to China.”

As more evidence of CCP control of offshore Chinese students, Spalding cites the CCP’s “social credit scores”, “a data collection system that monitors, punishes, and rewards citizen behavior in China. It is quite possible that a Chinese student’s liberal actions abroad could be used to penalize family members back home—or even result in having their funds cut.” (P. 143).

Spalding emphasizes the danger even more with this statistic : An estimated forty-five million Chinese speakers are living outside China and Taiwan, with roots to the mainland, …..To the Chinese government, this is an informal but potent network, one that appeals to family, ancestry, identify and nationhood. These can be powerful manipulative tools. The CCP uses them to activate what they call “nontraditional collectors”: foreign born Chinese who can become diplomatic intelligence assets. They are often spurred into action—providing information, stealing secrets, attending rallies, and writing letters (in support of China) (P. 143).

This is a book that all Canadians, especially gullible MP’s, other naive politicians and our quisling PM, should read.


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