The CBC is guilty of systemic betrayal of Canada

In the past two weeks, our CBC has sunk to new lows in its betrayal of Canada. It has launched another all-out assault against Canada’s majority, European-based, White population. It has done that by accusing Canada and its institutions of “systemic racism”.
Assuming that the word “systemic” means “existing throughout an institution or existing throughout a population”, the CBC is accusing the majority of Canadians and the majority of Canada’s institutions of being racist. That’s quite a charge to make, so the logical question that Canadians should ask the CBC is this : What evidence does the CBC have? For example, the Vancouver CBC has recently used Vancouver Police Department statistics to claim that there has been an increase in what the police describe as Anti-Asian “hate crimes” and that these numbers should be a cause for major concern. According to the VPD, those numbers are less than 200.
In a Vancouver population of close to a million or so, 200 doesn’t amount to much, let alone justifying use of the word “systemic”. In addition, one of the Vancouver CBC radio hosts is so fanatically anti-Canadian in his broadcasts that he appears mentally unbalanced. So, at the very least, let’s see the CBC provide some substantial evidence for using the word “systemic”. If it can’t do that, let’s tell the Vancouver Police Department and the CBC to get out of our faces.
Let’s go a bit further. Since a large number of Asians now in Metro Vancouver are recent immigrants, and since high and unnecessary immigration has undoubtedly caused justifiable negative attitudes towards Asian immigrants, let’s ask the CBC to examine its record of broadcasting on the immigration issue. Let’s be very specific : UBC Professor David Ley has written a book called “Millionaire Migrants” which concluded that relentless high immigration was not some side issue. It was the cause of Unaffordable Housing in the Metro Vancouver area.
In addition, SFU Professor Herbert Grubel, a retired MP, has stated in a number of Op EDs that relentless immigration has caused relentless demand for housing. Unless immigration is reduced, he argues, relentless demand for housing will continue and Unaffordable Housing will continue.
Here is our point : Unaffordable Housing has become a major social catastrophe over the past 25 years. As a result, Vancouverites have a legitimate right to have formed negative attitudes towards immigration.
Again, here is the crucial next question to ask : How much broadcast time has the CBC devoted to the research done by those two academics and those of other concerned citizens about the Unaffordable Housing issue? After hundreds of hours of listening to the CBC, we have concluded that the CBC has devoted almost no time to views like those of Professors Ley, Grubel and others.
Our assumption in asking our questions is that if questions like ours had been asked and discussed in a sensible way, the CBC could have helped to cause politicians to reduce immigration. That would have helped to mitigate the Unaffordable Housing Crisis. However, the CBC did not perform its duty and no mitigation happened. As many Canadians have concluded after listening to or watching the CBC, the unannounced policy of the CBC is to suppress any news item that might portray immigration in a negative light. Worse yet, the less-resourced other media have parroted the generously-funded CBC. As a result, total media coverage of immigration in Canada has been disgracefully poor.
The CBC’s duty to its Canadian Public Employer should be to promote discussion of important issues such as housing. Here’s a key question : What is more important in any society than the issue of affordable shelter? Something is very, very wrong when a publicly-funded broadcaster such as the CBC suppresses discussion of such an important issue as shelter. In fact, if the word “systemic” is to be used today, it should be used in the phrase “systemic betrayer of Canada” to describe the CBC. The CBC is dramatically guilty of that charge and there is a wealth of evidence to support our charge. Every day, the CBC demonstrates that it is a quisling organization from top to bottom.
So let’s repeat : Let’s have the CBC produce evidence of balanced reporting on the immigration issue. If it cannot provide evidence, then it it is guilty of “systemic betrayal of Canada”. That should be abundant justification for giving the CBC the boot. There is no crime as low as betrayal of one’s country. There is no betrayal as bad as the CBC’s “systemic betrayal” of Canada.
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