A Micro-schooling interim strategy for fighting back against an Anti-White school system

The following article was published on the Council of European Canadians web site on August 19, 2020.

The author is Curtis Reid

The current elementary and secondary school system in Canada is predominantly tied to a Cultural Marxist agenda. This agenda aims to indoctrinate Canadian youth towards blatantly anti-white ideologies. Traditional white families who wish to have their children educated alongside wholesome family values are becoming more and more disadvantaged. And every year the demographic enrollment trends change. White students are fast becoming visible minorities in public schools who only fifty years ago were all white.

Now is the moment to re-evaluate whether the public school system remains a viable option for white families. So much has changed both socially and politically that reverting back to a one-room schoolhouse doesn’t seem that antiquated. By regaining control of our children’s education we can preserve the values that are important to us and at the same time immerse our youth in an environment where they feel safe and comfortable associating with their own kind. A community-involved micro-school would not need to abide by the unelected mandates of the government. And families could agree to their own measured response on how best to address health and safety concerns.  After all, the children involved are their children.

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