The life of John A. Macdonald matters. The lives of the Vandals who Toppled and Decapitated his Statue do not.

We have two important points to make about the toppling and decapitation of the John A. Macdonald statue last weekend in Montreal:
(1) The life of Canada’s first Prime Minister, John A. Macdonald matters. He should be revered. He was the architect of Canada. He negotiated tirelessly with New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Upper and Lower Canada to form a federation in 1867. Later he arranged for the purchase of Hudson Bay Company Land which would eventually be called Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. After that, he persuaded British Columbia to join Confederation. He connected all of these parts by building a cross country railway. He had great respect for Modern Canada’s French and British roots. He had warts, but his role in creating the coast to coast to coast modern country of Canada was enormous. His contribution has not been equaled by any Prime Minister since and will probably never be equaled by any Prime Minister in the future.
(2) The lives of the people who toppled John A. Macdonald’s statue and decapitated it do not matter. In fact, they deserve the utmost contempt of all Canadians. They should be identified and dealt with accordingly. Are they some of the hundreds of thousands of refugee claimants (Black and other) whom Trudeau foolishly invited here? Are they other recent immigrants and supporters who have been “educated” by Trudeau and a host of other quisling politicians to have contempt for Canada? When first elected to the office of Prime Minister, Trudeau tried to sound learned, but instead hung a permanent albatross around his neck. He announced that ‘There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada.  (Canada is) the first post-national state.’’ In order to ensure that his foolishness would materialize, he raised immigration levels to unprecedentedly high levels. He then appointed two immigration ministers who, like Trudeau, are almost complete ignoramuses about the immigration issue. He surrounded himself with ethnic groups whose contempt for Canada and its majority European-based population, equals his own.
Let’s  summarize : In contrast to John A. Macdonald, (Architect of Canada), Trudeau has been the destroyer of Canada. In Trudeau’s latest and greatest act of treachery, he is opening Canada’s doors to more and more immigrants to compete with our jobless. Currently,  two to four million Canadians remain unemployed because of Covid-19. When he heard that Macdonald’s statue had been toppled and decapitated, he said he was “disappointed”. If he had had any real blood in his veins, he would have said he was enraged. He would have announced immediate measures to arrest the vandals  and hold them to a severe accounting. But he did nothing of the sort.
Let us repeat : John A. Macdonald’s life and legacy matter. That means the lives of those who have desecrated Macdonald’s life and all of Canada by toppling and decapitating Macdonald’s statue do not matter!!
To the barricades !!