Should “CONTACT TRACING” hold Trudeau and Immigration Minister Mendcino responsible for the deaths and excruciating illness of hundreds of thousands of Canadians who have contracted Covid 19?

Yes. Contact Tracing could and it should.

If any immigrants have been identified in the deaths of Covid victims, particularly those immigrants who have cheated to enter Canada, they should be held to a severe accounting.  Ultimately, Trudeau should be held to the most severe accounting of all. From his embarrassing trip to India onward, he demonstrated to India that he believes Canada’s borders should be open to East Indians, particularly Sikhs. In general, East Indians see Trudeau as weak and Anti-White. Publicly, they lick his boots, but they have contempt for him. In the past month alone, tens of thousands of East Indians have entered Canada legally and illegally. In April, over 100 flights went from India to Toronto. The huge question now is this : How do we get rid of these people? Any day now, a herd of fools will be clamouring that Canada allow those East Indians and others to remain here as refugees. Obviously, Trudeau should step up to redeem himself, but his record is dismal. From the time Trudeau was first elected, he has declared his quisling Diversity-promotion” policies.

Like Mendicino’s predecessors in the Immigration Portfolio,  Immigration Minister Mendicino  is grossly complicit because he has shamelessly and blindly repeated the foolish statements of Trudeau.  Let’s provide an example of the foolishness of both. Long ago, both should have been aware that environmental cesspools of the planet like India were actual or potential world hot spots of Covid 19. Both should have immediately introduced measures to end immigration from India and other similar countries. However, they did almost nothing. In fact, they continued to boast to Canada’s putrid immigration industry (lawyers, consultants, advocates, ethnic groups and large media like the CBC ) that Canada was committed to record-breaking immigration intakes. The actions and statements of Trudeau and Mendicino amount to incitement of East Indians and other foreigners to break down Canada’s doors. That incitement has now led to the undermining of Canada’s efforts to defend itself against Covid. In turn, that has led to the deaths of many Canadians. This is criminal. In any murder case, those who incite others to perform acts such as willful transmission of a deadly disease should be held to account. Trudeau and Mendicino  have committed such acts. We now ask : What penalties should be imposed on Trudeau and Mendicino, their supporters and the immigration industry?  How about bringing back the death penalty? Let’s hear what penalties you’d like to see.

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