Stop the Royal BC Museum from Closing Its Euro-Canadian Heritage Section!

Stop the Royal BC Museum from Closing Its Euro-Canadian Heritage Section!

by Riley Donovan

This is a call to action to all Immigration Watch Canada supporters : The Royal BC Museum in Victoria plans to remove all the exhibits on the third floor. This includes the “Becoming BC” exhibit which celebrates the brave pioneers who created the province of British Columbia. Captain George Vancouver’s Discovery ship, replicas of an old town, and the logging and fishery industries sections are considered racist remnants of a “settler” culture which has to be extinguished in the name of “decolonization”. All of this is being done with NO PUBLIC CONSULTATION. The exhibits will be removed on December 31st unless Canadians fight back!

Canadians are resisting this crime against history. I recently came across a poster on a telephone pole with a QR Code link to a petition. I am calling on Euro-Canadian activists to share this petition with friends and family across the country. British Columbian activists, print out this poster and put it all over your community. Send this petition to every right-wing Canadian news site you know of. Let’s put up a fight and let the establishment know what Canadians think of their post-national, deconstructionist, social justice ideology.

The ghosts of our settler ancestors are calling on us to fight back against the leftist radicals waging war against our history. Can you hear them?


Ask True North News to cover this story:
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Let the Royal BC Museum know what you think:

Please circulate this petition among your family and friends and post it in your community if you’re in BC!

For details on The Royal B.C. Museum’s intentions, see the following :