Trudeau announces top priority for His Government in 2022 : Compensate for Canada’s “Shameful Past”

Trudeau announces top priority for His Government in 2022 : Compensate for Canada’s “Shameful Past”

Canada's Prime Quisling


The first 24-hours of 2022 had hardly passed when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was already condemning Canada— again. He said that measures to correct “Canada’s Shameful Past” would be a top priority for his government in 2022.

Trudeau was referring to Canada’s treatment of its Indigenous people.

Before he goes any further, Trudeau should put his mouth on “STOP”. He is a unique combination of FOOL and Quisling. And he has surrounded himself with quislings and fools. Trudeau has to be reminded that if Canadians are to remember and repent for historical wrongs, he and his family should be doing a major part of the repenting.

Let’s explain. Without any consultation with Canadians, Justin Trudeau’s father, Pierre Trudeau, started Canada down an immigration intake path that, unless it is stopped, will ultimately cause Canada’s majority population to be outnumbered and replaced. What can be a more serious crime than shameless treason such as that?

Justin Trudeau should also be reminded that his unjustified mass immigration policy over the time he has been Prime Minister has been that of a quisling. In fact, a more appropriate title for Justin Trudeau is Canada’s Prime Quisling. He has followed his father’s immigration tendency to change the source countries of Canada’s immigrants. In doing that, he has allowed entry to a large number of completely unnecessary immigrants, many of whom are very hostile to Canada’s majority population and are eager to outnumber Canada’s majority population and colonize large parts of Canada. He implied his general immigration intention just after he became Canada’s PM when he described Canada as the world’s “first post-national state”.

The groups who are hostile are (1) East Indians,

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(2) Mainland Chinese

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and (3) the Muslim Brotherhood .