Justin Trudeau Must Rescue Rainbow Russians ASAP

Justin Trudeau Must Rescue Rainbow Russians ASAP

Guess who was in the above photo was chosen as Queen-for-a-Day?

Once again it is show time for Canada.  Once again it is time for Justin Trudeau to step up to the
plate and take the initiative as he did when millions of Syrian refugees cried out for help.
This is no time to dither. With his latest crackdown on the Russian LGBT finitum
community, Vladimir Putin has showed his hand. He won't let up.  He won’t stop.
Russian deviants have no future in his realm. They must get out now while the getting is good.
But who will take them in? Will we? Or will we once again say that “None is Too Many” and
deny their ship a backdoor entry into a Canadian port?

By acting now, by rolling out the welcome mat for Rainbow Russians Justin Trudeau can send a
clear message:  Canada is a haven for persecuted pedophiles.Such a gesture is not only a moral imperative, but an economic necessity. Let’s face facts:
There is a shortage of skilled Drag Queens in Canada that needs to be addressed

I beg you Justin, Don’t let Pavel’s talents go to waste. Don’t let him languish in a Russian

It’s a tragedy. So many boys in Canada lack a male role model in the home and so many
Russian Drag Queens lack boys to mentor.We have a labour shortage of Drag Queens in Canada,
and tens of thousands of Russian men eager to fill it. So what’s our problem?

Let me remind you. Canada is a nation of Drag Queens. Drag Queens built this country. If you
are not a Drag Queen, chances are that your father or grandfather or great grandfather was a Drag
Queen. But now that you’re here, you want to pull up the ladder? You would deny the good fairy
ship “Queen of St. Louis” backdoor entry to a Canadian port?

If so, you have unacceptable views. You are not a real Canadian. You do not share Canadian
core values. Your assets must be frozen and your social media accounts closed down. You must
denied Internet access and PayPal must cut you off. No? Then show me proof of vaccination!
You haven’t been vaccinated? I thought so! You are a disgusting worm. You belong in that
camp in Vanderhoof which we won’t acknowledge.

If you don’t have a heart, then at least use your brain. Public schools are understaffed.  There is
a nation-wide dearth of teachers, and class room sizes are already too large to allow
overwhelmed teachers the opportunity to spend the extra time needed to persuade young minds
that they are indeed living in the wrong body.  We simply can't marshal the resources required to
subject all pupils to a lab experiment. We need more puberty blockers, more  mRNA vaccines,
more chemical agents—but first of all we need the people who can create a demand for these
medical interventions. The protocol is proven. First screw with their minds. Then diagnose and
medicalize their problem. Then affirm their chosen expression of mental illness. Then expedite
the transition with irreversible consequences.

But there is a log jam at Step One, and a backlog of despair to clear up.
By fast tracking 50,000 Russian Drag Queens through our immigration intake process, we could
almost instantaneously address the grave shortfall of classroom groomers.. We can’t fill all of the
vacancies over night, but we can fill some.  Even one Drag Queen per school district would go a
long way to reach the psychological engineering targets that progressive educators and
politicians alike strive to reach.   While many of these Russian imports would initially lack
fluency in English or French,  linguistic barriers are trivial impediments to the bonding that soon
forms between story-telling Drag Queens and their impressionable, captive pre-school listeners. 

The beauty of these relationships is that they can flourish without the knowledge or input of
parents, and be passed off as harmless children's entertainment should anyone dare to scrutinize
them. Those parents who persist with impertinent questions can be dismissed as transphobic, and
have their kids abducted by the Ministry of Children and Families.  We have an obligation to
protect children from transphobic parents after all. If we do not, we are complicit in child abuse.
In former times, there was a bipartisan belief that immigration policy should be dictated by the
country’s economic requirements. But for our progressive Prime Minister it’s primarily an
instrument of God, the God of Diversity—the State Religion that supplanted the religion that was
taught in public schools for four generations to perpetuate a world view that was crucial to the
formation of our nation. After Christianity and Christmas was booted out of classrooms, the
Greatest Story Ever Told became the Greatest Story Never Told. Instead the stories being told
are founded on post-modern moral relativism. Christian views on sex, faith, truth, gender,
morality and marriage are mocked, denigrated or banished, while the LGBTQ+ position on these
issues enjoys state endorsement. That is as it should be. Traditional norms of right and wrong
have no place in Justin Trudeau’s post-national Canada where we should be free to give
expression to our inner selves.

I am proud to be a citizen of a country that has its priorities right. And I would be even more
proud if Justin Trudeau would pick up the torch that New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Stalin
dropped last week.  Now he has the field all to himself. This is Justin' s opportunity to cement his
legacy as the poster boy of global wokeism, a dictator with a thin skin who wore his bleeding
heart on his sleeve and never met an unvetted refugee claimant he didn't like. He even had police
act as bellhops carrying luggage for illegal border crossers as they walked down Roxham Road
into Canada. That’s the kind of compassionate guy he is.

Justin, it is now been three days since you last virtue-signalled. Repeat. Three whole days! You
simply can’t go on like this. The podium and the microphone stand ready for your
announcement to open the gates wide. Now powder your nose and get out there. Tell the country
and the world that you are still the undisputed Queen of Queens.

Tim Murray
January 24, 2023