How The Catholic Church Created Western Civilization

In keeping with the Easter season, Immigration Watch Canada is sending you a 20 minute interview by Douglas Keck of “Eternal Word Television”. Mr. Keck interviewed American historian Dr. Thomas Woods about Dr. Woods’ book “How The Catholic Church Built Western Civilization”.

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Dr. Woods makes a large number of points about the enormous positive role that the Catholic Church played in its 2000-year history. His purpose in writing this book was to counter the prejudice that exists against the Catholic Church. He refers to this attitude as the one remaining “acceptable” prejudice.

Here are a few of many important points Dr. Woods makes :

The Catholic Church created and maintained the university system that exists in Western Countries and in the rest of the world. Although universities now suffer from internal political degradation, that system has contributed enormously to the development of knowledge in every discipline on this planet.

The Catholic Church Instituted charitable work for the poor and disadvantaged. This work eventually developed into major social and educational programs in all Western countries. Dr. Woods explains that Protestantism ignored this extremely important initiative and other equally important initiatives of the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church did these things from the time of John’s Gospel around 90 AD to the time of the Protestant Reformation in the 1500’s.

Catholic Church lawyers in the twelfth century developed principles which became the basis of International Law.

Some areas of study became exclusively the work of groups within the Catholic Church. For example, geology was referred to as the “Jesuit Science” because Jesuits
were the major contributors to the knowledge base of Geology.

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