Dramatically Reduce Immigration Levels

We believe in a major reduction to Canada’s present immigration levels. As we noted in the section “HOME”, Canada currently will accept about 300,000 in 2017. We took the same number in 2016. Since 1991, Canada’s intake has averaged about 250,000 immigrants per year. There is pressure to continue that intake indefinitely. And there is also pressure to raise those levels to 1% of Canada’s population and even higher. If the latter were to occur, it would amount to an annual immigration level of 340,000+ which would increase in perpetuity. We believe that number will cause economic, environmental and cultural mayhem and that immigration levels have to return to Canada’s traditional Tap-On, Tap-Off policy—– with a goal of population stabilization for Canada.

To compensate for the excessive and unjustified immigration levels since 1991 and all of the cultural, economic and environmental destruction that unjustified immigration has caused, we believe that immigration should be reduced to an intake in the range of 25,000 per year. We believe this reduction should continue until there is a clear and well-documented case for either increasing it or decreasing it further. In other words, Immigration Watch Canada believes in a dramatic reduction of immigration levels, but we do not advocate abolition of immigration.