Dec. 9-13, 2002: CBC “Journalistic” Practices

Week of Dec. 9-13, 2002: Are CBC “Journalistic” Practices Turning the CBC Into A National Embarrassment?

December 15, 2002

Ms. L. Haeber
Executive Producer
Information Programming
CBC Radio
Vancouver, B.C.

Ms. Haeber:

Here are some comments about CBC radio programming during the week of Dec. 9 to 13, 2002.

Once again, B.C. CBC Radio listeners were provided with more
CBC-Search-For-Absolution style interviewing. The Host of The Early Edition did an interview with the biographer of Tong Louie, the businessman who built an empire of IGA stores and London Drugs pharmacies.

Again, an item like this was featured in order to elicit guilt for alleged sins and a search for absolution in long-time Vancouver residents. In CBC thinking, it is implied that the only way to end the guilt and acquire the absolution, is to maintain the world’s highest per capita immigrant numbers. One of the many problems with this thinking is that, if Canada’s Immigration Industry has its way, the incredibly high numbers will not cease. In other words, the guilt will never end and the absolution will never be acquired. The local population will be completely submerged and the CBC will have done its utmost, as George Orwell phrased it in 1984, to put its boot into the face of the long-term residents of this area. The CBC has to remember one thing about history: the boot that is in the face of some can be transferred to the rear ends of others. Heaven forbid that those “others” should be quite a number of CBC producers, hosts and reporters.

Once again, the Afternoon Show did its monthly interview with
representatives of ethnic newspapers: Chinese, Iranian and East Indian. Did the producers of this programme ever think of devoting an equal amount of time to the voices of people in this area who are concerned about the degradation of this area’s living space because of the inundation of this area by immigrants and false refugee claimants? Did the producers of this programme ever think that by giving time to the views of these recently-arrived ethnic groups and suppressing the views of its long-term citizens, the CBC might be actively contributing to the destruction of the
Greater Vancouver area?

To see a journalistic foil to local CBC Radio, please take a look at this week’s MACLEAN’s. It features a cover story on immigration and an additional story on Canada’s pathetic refugee system. In other words, one of Canada’s national magazines has devoted some balanced coverage to these two issues—not merely cheerled the pro-immigration side as the B.C. CBC has done.

Horror of all horrors, is it too much to expect the CBC in all its
mutations to provide some basic information on what has been going on in the immigration/refugee area? If the current policies of feeding the Canadian public lots of balogna continue, then the CBC will become more and more of a national embarrassment to the people who sustain it.

Have a good day.