October 20, 2002: The CBC Condemns The Destruction Of The World Trade Centre

October 20, 2002: The CBC Condemns The Destruction Of The World Trade Centre But It Actively Participates In The Destruction Of Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal By Promoting Overpopulation In The Forms

Ms. Rogers:

Here are a few points about the coverage you and your CBC colleagues gave to the 9/11 issue about a month ago. Like many of your listeners and viewers, I think this was much more an American issue than a Canadian one. However, here is a disturbing parallel for CBC people like you to consider.

(1) Everyone can instantly understand the sight of planes crashing into three major American targets such as the two World Trade Centre Towers and the Pentagon. But can you and your colleagues grasp the slower bombing of three Canadian targets (Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver) by planes which land every day at these Canadian targets? The planes carry immigrants (officially 250,000 per year/365 days=685 per day; unofficially, the total is much higher because a large number of visa holders who arrive here have no intention of ever going back to their home countries; as well, a significant number of temporary workers do not leave). Despite any claims by Canada’s Immigration Minister that he will settle new immigrants in smaller towns and cities, significant damage has already been done to these three targets and new, more significant damage will continue as long as the unjustifiably high numbers continue to be allowed in.

(2) The destruction in Canada’s three target areas is not the instantly visible destruction created in New York and Washington. In fact, it is far greater. What is the effect on Vancouver’s living space of bombing it with well over a half million immigrants? What is the effect on Toronto’s living space of bombing it with well over a million immigrants? The bombing has occurred within the past dozen years and it is scheduled to continue indefinitely.

Although immigrants are not the only ones driving cars, the addition of such large numbers of people to Canada’s largest metropolitan areas has had a dramatic effect. For example, it is the overwhelming factor in a 50% increase in Vancouver’s population in a dozen years. It has had a srong effect on Montreal, but it has had its strongest effect on the Greater Toronto area where between a million and a million and a half immigrants have settled in the same time period.

In each of these three areas, there is a strong connection between immigration and the increased air pollution levels, the increases in respiratory health problems (sickness and deaths–the latter far exceed the number of deaths at the American 9/11 targets), the major increases in traffic, the costs of new public transportation to accomodate the increases in population, the loss of green space and farmland, the new pressures on green space and farmland, the pressures on and cuts to schools and dozens of other public services, and the hundreds of millions of dollars in increased costs that the long-term residents of these three metro areas are now required to bear.

(3) The CBC, with its institutional bias in favour of immigration, participates in the bombing. This comes in the form of programmes (such as those dealing with Chinese railway workers and interned Japanese-Canadians) which try to instill guilt and a search for absolution. Absolution, it is impied, can be received only if Canada continues to accept unprecedentedly high levels of immigrants.

The programmes also come in the form of a celebration of Canada’s so-called multiculturalism (countless interviews with representatives from new immigrant groups who live on Canada’s new urban “reservations” and “colonies”; many programmes devoted wholly or in part to the new groups; thousands of uncritical news items which present only Citizenship and Immigration’s or Canada’s immigration industry’s point of view).

Very seldom does any CBC person ask two simple questions: What value will multiculturalism have when our living spaces have become pinched, and our precious air and water have become poisoned? Will it take until then to see how mindless and vacuous an idea multiculturalism is, especially when it is given precedence over environmental and cultural considerations and basic common sense.

(4) Any of Canada’s citizens who object to present immigration levels are censored from access to the CBC and characterized as part of an unworthy unwashed. The democratic right of Canadian citizens to voice their views against present immigration policies is treated with disdain. The truly worthy, in CBC eyes, are those who hold the same patronizing, contemptuous, supposedly-morally higher ground views of CBC radio and television reporters, hosts and producers. The latter have turned the CBC into a mere propaganda dispenser for Canada’s Department of Citizenship and Immigration and Canada’s immigration industry, and draw no connections between the degradation of the living spaces of our major urban areas and Canada’s present immigration levels.

In fact, the three spaces are considered to be partially-filled acultural and spatial holes that should be filled, as soon as possible, with people—preferably those from offshore. Very few attempts are ever made to inform Canadians about present immigration policies. No attempt is ever made to ask about the limits to or consequences of the immigration policy that Canada is pursuing.

(5) And you, Ms. Rogers, are one of the guilty. Granted, you are not the only one, but do think of the many times you have used the word “multicultural” in your broadcasts—with hardly a thought, I suspect, that there could be negative consequences to both your use of it and the general effect of such policies on your country. I ask you, Have you ever thought of yourself as someone who does her part to support the bombing of the physical and cultural environment of your own citizens? Have you ever thought of your producers and the publicly-funded CBC as supporting the bombing of your own citizens?

These are a few thoughts for you and your cohorts to ponder in the silence of your hearts. Although the CBC has done a fine job over the years in helping to unite the country, its job on the immigration issue is poor. This will eventually contribute to Canadian disunity as different ethnic groups compete with one another.

With all due respect, please consider this as a ledger item in the accounting which you and all CBC people will have to make sooner or later to your own people. Please also consider that you and your colleagues can easily rectify the present situation with some basic fairness to your own citizens.