April 23, 2003: Canada Clones China's Petri-Dish Conditions In Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.

Ms. Lorna Haeber
Executive Producer
Information Programming
CBC Radio One
Vancouver, B.C.

Dear Ms. Haeber:

Here are some comments about recent CBC Radio coverage of the SARS issue.

(1) CBC Radio (B.C. and National) has devoted a considerable amount of attention to SARS. Although CBC news acknowledges that SARS originated in China, its coverage of this topic is considerably different from its coverage of “multicultural and immigration” topics. In its standard way of airing thousands of “multicultural and immigration” items, CBC always paints “multiculturalism and immigration” as a wonderful thing. Well, as SARS has pointed out to those previously unable to see, “multiculturalism and immigration” have many warts. Recently-arrived immigrants who are travelling to and from the overpopulated centres of China, which they recently emigrated from, have brought some deadly and costly baggage with them.

(2) Everybody can understand the destructiveness of planes crashing into skyscrapers and people dying/getting very ill from imported viruses, but few of us can see the more subtle disasters that occur much more slowly. SARS will probably run its course, kill many more people, create many family tragedies and cost Canada (Health System and Business) billions. CBC will report on this, but this is the obvious. The more subtle thing is the cloning of the overcrowded conditions of China in several Canadian cities. Repeatedly, the World Watch Institute has reported that (literally) several million Chinese people die of respiratory problems caused by heavily polluted air in crowded cities. How many other million Chinese are walking towards death’s door because of the foul air they breathe? One commentator has characterized parts of China as a veritable petri dish in which new deadly viruses such as SARS and new virulent bacteria are being unintentionally cultivated. Will any CBC reporter ever go beyond the obvious and begin to report on the cloning of Chinese city conditions in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal?

(3) Although some people who presently live on “islands” of environmental safety will say that there is nothing wrong with Canada’s mass immigration policy of the last 14 years, the symptoms of the cloning are everywhere in the Greater Vancouver area. Go into Burnaby along the Lougheed Highway near the new Skytrain. Go to the Coquitlam area and look at Mary Hill. Go to Langley along 200th Street. Go to Abbotsford and look at the air literally obsructing the sight of Abbotsford’s Sumas and Vedder Mountains. These are only four of dozens of examples of the visual grotesqueness that has been created by mass immigration, a new Canadian phenomenon which began in the late 1980’s and an idea that no one at CBC seems to have grasped. The Greater Vancouver area has a Third World population growth rate largely driven by immigration.

(4) Instead of CBC parrotting the immigration industry’s line on the wonders of mindless multiculturalism, has anyone at CBC Radio ever reported why the people of this area have never been asked if they wanted all these people and the grotesqueness that their numbers bring? Instead of reporting recent immigration advocate whining about the stigmatizing of Chinese, has anyone at CBC radio ever thought of reporting on whether a cloning of China’s cities and the creation of new petri dish “multicultural” cities are good things for Greater Vancouver and other urban areas in Canada?

Have an enlightened day.