Attention Karin Chykaliuk,
CBC Radio One 99.1
March 6, 2008


I have to love Andy’s panel. It consists of  Uzuma Shakir, an advocate and activist for the rights of newcomers. Patrick Habamenshi, a Rwandan refugee, and Raheel Raza, who works to promote cultural and religious diversity through her writing and speaking. One more panelist, the famous Mr. TBA, will no doubt shore up the pro-immigration front.

It’s quite astonishing that a state broadcasting system doesn’t even make any attempt to represent those 65% of Canadians who oppose the kind of “diversity” that these panelists and  Those Who Know Better support. You see, the kind of diversity most Canadians prefer is intellectual diversity. As one Canadian of Chinese origin recently put it, there is little point in sitting around in a discussion group with Mark Kelly when everyone looks very differently but spouts the same politically correct multicultural group-think.

The other kind of diversity Canadians prefer is biological diversity, you know, when wildlife habitat isn’t paved over by the subdivisions which are being built to house the immigration tidal wave. Almost three-quarters of species at risk are found in areas threatened by urban sprawl, and 70% of those housing units are occupied by immigrants. In Greater Vancouver, it is more like 85%. Ontario Environment Commissioner David Miller said that in the next 25 years immigration will jam 6 million more people into Southern Ontario. Hope you like dim sum and curry because you will be trading away flora and fauna to get it.  Andy’s panelists seem nice enough, but I am more enriched by our native biological heritage than them.

Multiculturalism is much like a leaky air-mattress in a swimming pool. To be kept afloat, it needs constant pumping. The air, in this case, consists of infusions of people from “non-traditional” sources. Once it stops, the colonies break down and people assimilate (horrors!). The mattress sinks. So this is not really about the mosaic, is it? That’s a smokescreen. It is about the corporate pyramid scam of population growth, of cheap labour and real estate development. And the CBC is part of that growth coalition, holding up rose coloured glasses through which people can mistake congestion, pollution and environmental degradation for “enrichment” and “vibrancy”.

Suggested panelists: An ecologist, a biologist and John Smith, an Anglo-Celtic Canadian born and raised in Toronto who was passed over for a city job in favour of a Jamaican woman just off the plane who got hired because a) she was a woman and b) she was black. Who would be screaming for balance then?

Tim Murray,
Quadra Island, B.C.