May 25, 2009 : Another CBC Sob-Story

How even Honduran Drug Dealers Can Be Made Out as Victims

Anyone catch CBC Pravda’s May 25th, 2009 newscast? Poor Senior Navaro. The heartless Harper government is apparently determined to expel a liar who was ordered deported by the refugee review board after his initial deportation a decade ago as a fraudulent claimant. He was a drug dealer from Honduras. Yes, even Canada’s IRB has standards. Not many, but enough to reject 44% of the parade of phonies who apply for admission to our cultural menagerie. While a compassionate country like Norway accepts but 3% of those who apply for asylum, somehow Canada finds redeeming qualities in 18 times that number. I guess we have the talent for finding the good in people. Even one-time drug pushers like Sr. Navaro, for example. Once he sneaked back into the country after his first deportation, he became a good “family” man you see. He sired 10 children in 10 years, and number 11 is on the way. And you are wondering why are socialized medical system is chronically in need of “adequate funding”. Or why ESL costs are back-breaking. No matter, everybody can have quick and universal access to our safety net if only enough money is wrung out of the rich. Including the 36,000 illegal and deported refugees still at large, no doubt looking for anchor babies that will persuade a compassionate Minister of the Crown to relent and allow them citizenship on “compassionate” grounds.

I wonder if bleeding hearts and credulous CBC journalists reflect on the precedent that they are setting. If successfully evading arrest and fathering children is to be the criteria for amnesty, why then not award escaped convicts the same privilege? If Paul Bernardo or a bank robber can manage to escape custody, hide from the law for several years and bring up a Canadian-born family, why not let them be? We’ll just call them “undocumented cons”. I am sure the Canadian Labour Congress will take up their cause.   Perhaps the CBC would hire them as apprentice journalists to eventually displace the current crop of bleeders. Funny, though, the advocates of open borders never see their own jobs put at risk from such competition. They can be oh so righteous and generous with other peoples’ jobs.

Tim Murray,
Quadra Island, B.C.