Weekly Bulletin – 2004 March 4

D & M: the S & M Solution To Canada's Urban Problems

Dear Prime Minister Martin and Fellow MP's:

There are still a number of Canadians who refuse to see, hear or speak any evil about immigration. Among this group are those who proclaim the wonders of diversity and multiculturalism, D & M, for short. This group implies that D & M are the supreme good and that the mass immigration that has caused the D & M since the early 1990's has been a bowl of cherries for all Canadians.

Well, let's look at, hear and speak about a few of the “pits” from the bowl of cherries.

(1) Pit #1: Unprecedented Population Growth–The largest factor in the very rapid rise in the populations of Canada's three major immigration-receiving areas has been immigration. For example, Stats Can figures show that in the early stages (1991 to 1996) of Canada's mass immigration experiment, immigration accounted for about 83% of the population growth in the Greater Vancouver area. Similar figures can be cited for the Greater Toronto and Montreal areas.

(2) Pit #2: Unprecedented Traffic Growth–Since the beginning of mass
immigration, the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia reveals that well over 300,000 vehicles have been added to roads of the Greater Vancouver area. Similar figures can be found for Greater Montreal while much more dramatic figures can be found for the Greater Toronto area.

(3) Pit #3: Traffic Congestion Costs–Putting aside the health costs for people living in this increased pollution and the future costs of new road construction and new transportation involved in handling the perpetual increase in vehicles, the Vancouver Board of Trade recently stated that traffic congestion costs the Greater Vancouver area $1 Billion per year. According to the Board, the factors in the $1 Billion are the slowed movement of commercial trucks carrying goods; the added commuting and transit time for people moving around the region; and the added cost of fuel as vehicles sit idling in traffic.

(4) Pit #4: S & M Management–The Board's solution is to “manage” the
congestion. This will mean building more roads, more bridges, rapid
transit, etc. Nothing is said about immigration which is the major cause of the congestion. Nor is anything said about reducing immigration. And, of course, no evil is spoken of euphemistic D & M (Diversity and Multiculturalism), which, any sane Canadian can argue, is really a close cousin to S & M (Sadism and Masochism), in this case.

(5) Pit # 5: More S & M Management–Citizenship and Immigration's past
solution to this problem has been to direct immigrants to the smaller
centres of Canada. But the question that has to be asked is this: “What smaller centres need a perpetual inflow of 250,000+ immigrants every year?” No Canadian capable of performing the thought process could come up with a list of such places. In other words, the Citizenship and Immigration solution is another S & M solution.

As any sensible Canadian can see, the D & M platitudes have to be seen for what they really are: S & M, corrupt and simple. The future good of close to 2 million unemployed Canadians (those looking for work and those who have stopped looking) cries out for speaking, hearing and seeing the evil in Canada's immigration policies. Let's do something about the mess. S & M management is not a solution.

Best wishes,
Dan Murray,
Immigration Watch Canada