Weekly Bulletin – 2004, March 10

The National Energy Board and Canada's Mass Immigration Policy: Driving A Stake Through the Heart of a Monster

Dear Prime Minister Martin and Fellow MP's:

Last Thursday, March 4, 2004, Canada's National Energy Board denied
approval for construction of a 5+ mile power line through the municipality of Abbotsford, B.C. to a proposed natural gas-fired power plant just across the border in Washington state. The power line would have provided Canadian electricity to the power plant. The power plant, using Canadian natural gas, would have generated electricity to be sold in the western American market. (Abbotsford is 40 miles east of Vancouver. It is part of the Lower Fraser River Basin, a roughly 90×40 mile area which is home to over 2 million people, about 800,000 of whom have arrived in the last 14 years. Prevailing winds off the Pacific already blow large amounts of pollutants from Greater Vancouver into this area.)

Although connections with Canada's mass immigration policy may not be
immediately apparent, they are there and they are very powerful. Here are some of the key points that were made about the proposed power plant:

(1) The NEB stated that the following was one of the main reasons for
rejecting the construction of the power line: “The burdens are many and real. Most would be borne almost entirely by the local and regional communities, whereas the benefits resulting…would be either external to these communities or…would be negligible in value.” (The Vancouver Sun)

(2) Those opposed to the project were elated by the announcement. The
Vancouver Sun reported: “Thousands of Fraser Valley residents, supported by municipal, regional and provincial politicians and environmental groups, vigorously protested the proposed power plant for adding to air pollution problems….”

(3) One environmental group estimated that the pollution generated by the power plant would be equal to that produced by adding 300,000 vehicles to the Greater Vancouver area.

(4) One local MLA, Barry Penner, said that he was overjoyed at the NEB
ruling, but won't fully rest until he “sees a stake driven through the
heart” of this proposal. (The Vancouver Sun)
And here are the connections that should have been made between Canada's mass immigration policy and the power plant proposal:

(1) At the same time that over 800,000 people have been added to the
Vancouver-Abbotsford area in the last 14 years, well over 300,000 vehicles have also been added. In other words, pollution equal to that of one proposed power plant has already been created in this area. Immigration has been the largest factor in the 800,000 population increase. In other words, immigration has been the major cause of increases in air pollution in the area. Not many environmental groups or politicians have said anything about this.

(2) Canada's mass immigration policy will almost certainly see a doubling of the population in this area over the next 20 years to the 4 million level. The pollution resulting from this doubling will make the pollution from the proposed power plant look tiny. A potential doubling of the area's population will probably result in added pollution equal to that generated by almost three power plants. No many environmental groups or politicians have said anything about this.

(3) The NEB has said the burdens of the proposed power plant to the local people would be many and real, but the benefits almost negligible. Almost exactly the same thing has been said by two landmark federal government studies about mass immigration. How many environmental groups or politicians have said much about this?

(4) One of the local MLA 's compared the proposed power plant to a
Dracula-like monster which could be silenced only by a stake driven through its heart. Canada's mass immigration policy is a similar monster. Canada will always have some immigration, but current mass immigration is very different from past immigration. Mass immigration is a monster and the environmental damage it will cause in this and other areas will be enormous. And, yes, the country needs many volunteers to drive a stake through the heart of this monster. People from all walks of life are welcome to participate. The sooner this project begins, the better.

Best wishes,
Dan Murray
Immigration Watch Canada