Finnish Greens Demand Probe Of Immigration Directorate

Finnish Greens demand probe of immigration directorate
Newsroom Finland

20.9.2006 at 16:01

Finland's Green League on Wednesday called for an investigation into the procedures of the Directorate of Immigration (UVI) and the appellate courts.

The Greens feel there have been shortfalls in the way the 2004 Aliens Act has been applied.

“Finland's Aliens Act is mostly all right, but its application by the authorities is irregular and deficient to such a degree that asylum seekers' rights are not fulfilled,” said Heidi Hautala, the chair of the Green League parliamentary faction.

The Greens urge the government to grant more permanent residence permits as asylum seekers who hold temporary ones have no access to services and their children cannot go to school.

The party on Wednesday made public its asylum programme, which was drafted by Ms Hautala and Anni Sinnemki, the vice chair of the Green League.


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