Plain Speech By The Malmo Police: It’s All Going To Hell

Plain speech by the Malm Police: It's all going to hell!

When you are a policeman you see the consequences of the decisions made by our politicians in a very real way. The immigration policy of Sweden is basically a total failure. Moreover, this experiment is costing enormous sums each and every year. Politicians are now afterwards trying to patch and mend, coming up with various ideas and measures. But it's totally obvious to every thinking human being that it is about to go to hell in plain speech.

A commentary from Folkets Nyheter's editorial staff on the interview with a Malm police man

Malmpolisen – din polis? Foto: Nordiska bildbyrn

These are the words of a chief police officer who has been working for many years in Malm, to Folkets Nyheter, about his work situation which has changed dramatically in those years. And he is perfectly clear on what it is that has caused these negative changes.

Malm is one of Sweden's most immigrant dense cities, 40 percent of the inhabitants are of an entirely foreign background. And just as in many of the other cities of the country, serious violence and robbery, and the fear among Swedes to fall victim to these crimes, has become a part of everyday life in Malm.

Sydsvenskan, a news paper circulated in the southern Swedish province of Skne where Malm is situated, claimed in an editorial earlier this year that democracy in Sweden is intact and that debate is practically unconstrained. Yet, Folkets Nyheter is forced to interview the police man anonymously, in order not to put him in jeopardy of losing his job.

These days, we have neither freedom of speech nor opinion in Sweden, comments the police man. As long as you think the way the political power elite does, you're welcome to a career, but otherwise? Just look at what happened to my colleague.

Polishuset i Malm.
Foto: Nordiska bildbyrn

The colleague being referred to is Malm policeman Bengt Lindstrm who was fired by the National Police Board this year after criticising the consequences of mass immigration, such as the lack of proper community services for the elderly in Malm. A decision that naturally has had an impact on a major segment of the police force, the policeman says.

No officer today dares utter any criticism in these matters, neither on duty nor as a private citizen. You are first and foremost concerned about your employment and your livelihood. The National Police Board made an example out of sacking Lindstrm: Don't criticise or you'll lose your job!

He agrees wholeheartedly with Bengt Lindstrm's criticism of the situation in Malm.

When our elderly, who have toiled their whole lives and contributed to building this country, are denied community service it pains my heart. The government just recently gave the municipalities another 1,7 billion SEK (235 880 000 USD) to help them manage with the handling of all illegal immigrants. It stands to reason that we Swedes need to take care of our own first of all.

The number of cases involving serious violence committed against citizens in public places has increased substantially since the beginning of the 90's when I started working in Malm. It's almost exclusively immigrant youth that are the perpetrators behind robberies and assaults in public places. This is well-documented but the authorities responsible for the situation do not want to go public about it. Because it would contradict the integration propaganda of our government, they choose to keep silent.

Malm centrum
Foto: Nordiska bildbyrn

And the number of rapes has risen dramatically as well, which has to do with the fact that over 40 percent of Malm's inhabitants have a different ethnic background where the men's power over women is absolute. Their view on women is so totally alien to us Swedish men and they continue living according to their own culture, paying no attention to the circumstance that they are in a different country where their own ones are in force. Unfortunately this behaviour is reinforced by Swedish authorities and courts of justice, which in their sentences take into account the ethnic culture of the suspect.

The policeman also confirms the negative way in which police and other emergency services are greeted in the suburbs of Malm.

Many immigrants have no respect for the police whatsoever. Many times you're treated like you've come to collect the garbage. Immigrants have so far only encountered representatives from the immigration and social services. They are used to being stroked the right way and having all of their demands satisfied.

Certain routine matters, like checking an immigrant's driving license in Rosengrd (transl. note. an infamous immigrant suburb of Malm), easily get out of hand and become a major event where all available police sources have to intervene to restore the order. Thanks to cellphones a lot of supporters join the scene in a very short time when you intervene in Rosengrd. If you stop a car for a routine check, soon the whole clan show up to oppose the police.

Rosengrd i Malm.
Foto: Nordiska bildbyrn

Unfortunately a large part of the Swedish people have a distorted view of what is happening and that is due 99 percent to the biased portrayal of reality given by the media. For example they use concepts like youth gangs instead of speaking plainly and saying, like in Landskrona (transl. note. another immigrant dense city in Skne) that it's Albanian criminal gangs who are causing problems.

I'd like to make it clear that it is not Per and Stina (transl. note. common Swedish names) who are causing this hellish commotion. It's the immigrant gangs who are trying to take over control and spread fear among ordinary citizens. Unfortunately our society is showing an incredible leniency towards these behaviours so there is cause for serious concern regarding the future.

I fully understand those who organize themselves in vigilante groups and involve and engage themselves in one of the most important issues there is, the safety of the family. When society fails to come to the aid of its citizens, of course you have to take matters in your own hands. You have a legal right to defend yourself and your property. You are even allowed to use force to the degree necessary for your protection.

Ungdomsgng i Malm centrum.
Foto: Nordiska bildbyrn

The officer says that it is obvious that the tendency towards violence and crime among immigrants is concealed and excused because a clique within the corridors of power want it that way.

My personal theory is that these individuals have their political roots in the late 60's. The era of the so-called fuzzy leftists. Individuals who studied at the universities in 1968 are presently holding high positions in our society and are contributing to the moral decline and the degeneration taking place right before our eyes.

Concerning the political power in Skne and the three premier representatives of this power, chief prosecutor Sven-Erik Alhem, Malm city councillor Ilmar Reepalu and district chief of police Anders Danielsson, the policeman says:

All three of them represent the cemented power in Sweden at different levels and none of them seems to have the ability to think independently. They act only to satisfy their commissioners and couldn't care less about what the common citizen thinks. They are only puppets of the political power in today's Sweden. Corruptive friendships and guarding their positions of power are more important to them than dealing with the problems and tasks assigned to them. All three know each other and see each other privately.

Ilmar Reepalu
Foto: Malm Stad

Anders Danielsson
Foto: Peter Knutson

Sven-Erik Alhem
Foto: M Malm

To me and to most other policemen Alhem is just a big clown who's only interested in showing himself off. He's long ago lost all connection with reality. Alhem is a great supporter of multiculturalism. He couldn't care less about the fact that this multiculturalism is contributing to a negative development of the society.

The officer's hope is that the actual situation in Sweden will force more and more Swedes to wake up.

Sooner or later everyone has to realize that this can't go on. There has to be a radical change in practical policies. You and I and our families have a duty to guard and uphold the heritage of our forefathers who were part of building such a successful country.

No multicultural society has ever shown any positive development.

There is only one alternative and that is to preserve our traditions. Behold the positive that our ancestors have contributed! An ordered society that protects the family and with conditions in which to live, to develop and to feel safe in. To care for your family and those close to you must become a matter of course for all Swedes.