French Parliament To Debate New Immigration Law

French parliament to debate new immigration law

The Hindu News

Paris, Aug. 23 (Xinhua): French government announced on Tuesday that a bill of law, which is aimed at bringing immigration under control, will be presented to an extraordinary session of parliament in September 2007.

The law, which was presented to the council of ministers on July 4, notably seeks to change the conditions required for reunification of families, which will now be based on several criteria including “respecting the values of the republic and mastery of the French language.”

If the law is enacted, foreigners wishing to join their families in France will be required to learn French for a maximum period of two months prior to their arrival.

In addition, those wishing to bring their relatives to France will be required to demonstrate that they are financially capable of meeting the needs of the size of their families.

In a further move, the law stipulates that successful applicants for family reunification will be required to enter into an agreement with the state on the “reception and integration of the family,” which means that they will accept to be trained on the rights and duties of parents in France.