Headscarf Makes Way For Bandana (Belgium)

Headscarf makes way for bandana

Expatica News
23 August 2007

ANTWERP Muslim women who work in crches in Antwerp may no longer wear a headscarf. Starting next week they will be offered an alternative: a bandana.

The decision to ban the wearing of headscarves by Antwerp city employees who have contact with the public was introduced at the beginning of this year. The measure has provoked a great deal of criticism but the municipal executive has stood firm.

In the meantime it appears there has been a breakthrough. “We have discussed the situation openly and have reached an agreement,” says Veerle Degryse, spokesperson for the Antwerp alderman for social advancement Leen Verbist (SP.A).

“Unlike a headscarf a bandana is neutral,” says Degryse. Until now the alternative has not yet been implemented everywhere. Muslim women in the 22 city crches will be able to wear a bandana instead of a headscarf starting next week. The alternative may be introduced at city hall and other municipal services in future.

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