Negative Population Growth Asserts America Is On Path To Population Disaster

NPG Asserts America Is on Path to Population Disaster

Nov. 9

Negative Population Growth President Donald Mann has announced the start of a Campaign for a National Population Policy, a grassroots effort to get the American people and elected leaders focused on the country's escalating population crisis.

Declaring that America's population growth of 30 to 40 million people per decade will see U.S. population explode to 450 million by mid-century, Mann stressed the vital need for Congress to take immediate steps to create a U.S. Commission on Population Growth with a goal to fundamentally rethink our nation's “growth at any cost” mentality.

In announcing that NPG will put the full weight of its membership behind the Campaign for a National Population Policy and elicit the support of millions more citizens, Mann stated, “We can no longer hide from reality when it comes to out-of-control population growth. Areas of our country are already facing major water shortages…We are on the path to a national energy crisis…Our roads are gridlocked and our national infrastructure is crumbling…We are paving over productive farmland and fragile wetlands at an alarming rate…And our lack of restrictive immigration policies has sent our population skyrocketing!”

Mann declared, “It is absolutely shocking that no single government entity exists that raises the question of how our nation could possibly cope successfully with an additional 150 million people — 50% more than the 303 million we have now — in just four decades.”

According to Mann, “The key to averting huge population numbers that will result in future economic, social and environmental crises is to get ahead of the problems before it is too late. We must create policies designed to halt and eventually reverse our population growth so that, after an interim period of negative growth, we can stabilize our population at a sustainable level, far lower than today's.”

Mann cited the fact that Congress set a precedent for taking action on this issue in 1970 when it created the Commission on Population Growth and the American Future, headed by John D. Rockefeller, III. He noted that, “For two years, this blue-ribbon Commission diligently studied our nation's problems and future needs and made 47 key recommendations to put America on a proper course to meet the challenges of population change. Sadly, President Nixon totally dismissed the Rockefeller Report right before the 1972 elections — and our country has paid a tremendous price since.”

“The goal of NPG's Campaign for a National Population Policy,” Mann said, “is to get Congress to acknowledge that population growth does have its limits. We simply can't continue to pursue the present politics of accommodation where no one cares about the future. America owes it to future generations to leave them a decent quality of life.”

Mann stated, “Right now, our nation's leaders have little concept as to the disastrous consequences that overpopulation creates and a Commission for a National Population Policy will put it all into sharper focus.”

He concluded, “For our leaders to push the issue of population growth aside year after year only sets the stage for countless economic, social and environmental horror stories in the future. Every year we delay in tackling this critical issue, the stakes get higher and higher.”

Negative Population Growth is a non-profit grassroots organization that is celebrating its 35th Anniversary as one of the nation's premier advocacy groups working to educate Americans about the catastrophic effects of overpopulation and fighting for policies to eventually stabilize U.S. population size at a sustainable level, far smaller than today's.

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