Terrorists Could Strike Anywhere, Warns Gordon Brown

Terrorists could strike anywhere, warns Gordon Brown

By Gary Cleland
The Telegraph
Last Updated: 2:48am GMT 15/11/2007

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has warned that terrorists could attack the UK nywhere and from any place? as he prepares to unveil the results of two major security reviews today.

Home Office minister Admiral Lord West has completed an inquiry into security at crowded locations across Britain. He is expected to ask sports grounds, shopping centres, cinemas, theatres and other t risk venues to improve security, including employing specially-trained door staff.

Schools and hospitals will also be issued with new guidance on protecting pupils, patients and staff, according to reports. Lord West will also call on architects to integrate anti-terrorism measures into new buildings.

However he will add that such measures, including barriers, should be as unobtrusive as possible.

It is understood his report is too sensitive to be published in full, and only his conclusions and some other limited points will be made public.

In July, Mr Brown said that 900 shopping centres, sports stadiums, transport hubs and other areas where large crowds gather had been assessed by counter-terrorism advisers.

Writing in The Sun newspaper, Mr Brown said: errorism can hit us anywhere from any place. He added: ut just as the terrorists use every method and the very freedoms we enjoy to kill or maim people, so we must also adopt new tools to beat the terrorists, secure our borders and create a safe global society.

He said Lord West report contained ey recommendations for the protection of our national security but that physical protections had to go alongside improved community relations.

t is a battle we will have to fight street by street, community by community and year by year. But standing together, resolute and calm, we can win it.

The second study, led by Sir Gus Oonnell, the Cabinet Secretary, examined whether police and other staff could be included in a new border force designed to strengthen security at ports and airports.

Mr Brown has announced a new uniformed border force would bring together the Home Office Border and Immigration Agency, Customs and the UK Visas overseas operation. Conservative and Liberal Democrat opponents previously criticised the proposals for not including the police.


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