Stop Immigration And We Won’t Need The Severn Barrage !

Stop immigration and we wont need the Severn Barrage!

by News Team
September 19, 2008

Our attention today has been drawn to the following piece that has appeared in a prominent farming magazine:

Farmers, landowners and the rural community have been challenged to join forces to set up and take ownership of a wind generating company which could fast become one of the biggest power generators in the UK. An investment of 270bn is projected over the next 12 years to create Europes largest energy company generating 90 gigawatts of electricity to supply the National Grid from 90,000 three-megawatt wind generators (wingens) and reducing UK carbon emissions by 300 million tonnes a year. The UKs current generating capacity is 85GW.

90,000 massive wind turbines each soaring hundreds of feet into the air?

Incidentally, 90,000 3 MW turbines all working at their optimum loading (around 1 MW) would produce (in theory at least) 90GW of power enough for the whole of Britain IF the figures above are correct!

Putting aside the little issue of some 90,000 three hundred feet tall monstrosities dotted around our countryside, we return to one very fundamental question. Having invested some 270 BILLION over the next 12 years to create Europes largest energy company and making a very small number of people extremely rich in the process (and we dont mean farmers!) what happens when there is no wind?

Do we follow the German example and for every so and so number of wind farms build a conventional power station to kick in when the wind doesnt blow in which case why bother with wind generators at all or what?

And while youre pondering that one, we run another proposal by you:

According to the Government (the EU puppet regime at Westminster) the proposed Severn Barrage could produce 5% of Britains energy needs should it come online in ten years time!

Put another way it could meet the electrical energy requirements of some 3 million people at an estimated cost of anywhere between 10 and 23 BILLION.

However Land & People has an even greener and cheaper solution.

Every year net immigration adds another 250,000 to our population. Over ten years the net increase will be around 2,500,000.

In addition, if this Government were to deport 100,000 illegal migrants per annum, people having no legal or moral right to be in our country, for the same period, then we would have 1 million fewer consumers of electricity to worry about.

Taking both these factors, ending immigration and deporting illegals, we could achieve an effective saving in energy demand growth equivalent to some 3.5 million consumers who would consume more electrical energy than the Severn Barrage could supply – all at a cost measured in the low millions!

So heres the options.

(1) We either SPEND BILLIONS to wreck the delicate eco-systems and habitats of the Severn estuary to meet the energy needs of a massive population boom fuelled largely through legal and illegal immigration, or,

(2) We slam the door firmly shut on immigration, deport the illegals and SAVE BILLIONS in the process whilst leaving the habitats and eco-systems of the Severn estuary intact!

Its a no-brainer really isnt it?