Border Patrol Radar Camera System In Arizona Detects Migrants

Border Patrol radar-camera system in Arizona detects migrants

The Associated Press, January 20, 2009

Tucson, AZ (AP) — A mobile radar and camera system in Arizona lets Border Patrol agents observe areas nearly seven miles away.

The $500,000 Mobile Surveillance System units are the result of a need first identified about three years ago to improve on the patrol's night vision capabilities.

Tucson Sector Chief Bob Gilbert says the systems lets agents in the field detect and identify people illegally entering the country from miles away.

Each unit can be raised up to 18 feet in the back of a pickup.

The units have been in use for a year, with 23 now deployed in the Tucson sector and others in the Yuma, El Paso and San Diego sectors.

The radar makes a 180-degree sweep every 10 seconds across a 10-mile-wide swath, and its two cameras can see nearly seven miles out.


Border Patrol shows off new deterrent
Border Patrol Agent Lee Albee explains how the new Mobile Surveillance System works. Cameras are mounted on a pole that extends 18 feet high and does an 180-degree sweep every ten seconds.
By Ryan Gargulinski
The Tucson Citizen (AZ), January 16, 2009