French Immigration Minister Visits U.S.-Mexico Border Area

French immigration minister visits U.S.-Mexico border area

Agence France Presse, March 9, 2009

Beverly Hills (AFP) — French immigration minister Eric Besson has visited a California section of the U.S.-Mexican border to examine the fence and other issues related to immigration in this part of the world.

'I was interested to see how it was working, to get to know the feelings of Americans who had built it and how the fence was viewed on the Mexican side,' Besson told reporters Saturday.

The minister, who had toured the San Diego-Tijuana border area, said he did not come to pass judgment about the need for the fence.

He said officials on the Mexican side had pleaded for so-called 'circulatory immigration.'

'Their thesis is that they want to do everything to encourage movement of people into U.S. territory and their return to Mexico,' Besson said. 'That was even more interesting to me because we are trying to promote what could be circulatory immigration in France and in Europe.'