Abusing Canada’s Immigration Generosity


The following information was written by three different Canadians. All three describe abuse of Canada's immigration system.


I live in a Seniors' Home in the Metro Montreal area. I have always assumed that it and all other Seniors' Homes in Quebec and the rest of Canada were built for the benefit of Canadians who had spent the greater part of their lives working and living in Canada. I have a few questions to ask governments at all three levels :

(1) About 30% of the residents in this Seniors' Home are French and about 20% are English. The remaining 50% are Allophones (primarily Chinese). The fact that the Chinese are probably less than 4% of the population of Greater Montreal, yet they are almost half of the population of this Seniors' residence and another residence nearby, should raise the suspicions of even the most naive and gullible Canadians.

As far as I am concerned, it makes me think that a well-co-ordinated scheme is in progress. I suspect that adult children/immigration consultants have “arranged” to have these elderly people enter Seniors' Homes. Since almost none of these elderly people seem to know any French or English, I suspect that most of the Chinese have never worked in Canada and that most of them are recent arrivals here. In fact, I think that most have recently been sponsored by adult children who probably promised to look after their aging parents or who said they were bringing them to Canada to assist with child-care of grand-children. Why have these Allophones (Chinese people) been allowed to jump to the front of the line-up for a limited number of spaces in this Seniors' Home? In how many other Seniors' Homes in Quebec and in other parts of Canada has this happened?

(2) On the weekends, the adult children of these Chinese seniors arrive in expensive cars to take their parents out for the day. The quality of the cars indicates that the adult children do not lack the financial resources to take care of their parents. Why are these people being allowed to get away with a clear abuse of government generosity?

(3) The most important issue in this case is that recent immigrants have displaced Quebec French and English senior citizen applicants to Seniors' Homes. Canada's immigration advocates have repeatedly told Canadians that Canada must not be selfish. According to them, the best way to show unselfishness is to continue to allow large numbers of immigrants to enter Canada. These advocates continue to say this despite the fact that over 500,000 Canadians have lost their jobs in the past year and despite the fact that Canada's students have experienced great difficulty in finding jobs this past summer.

In the case of Canada's elderly, I am sure there is a substantial waiting list for government-subsidized Seniors' Homes in Quebec and in other parts of Canada. I and most other Canadians believe that long-term Canadians should be first in the line-up for spaces. If only one long-term Canadian is homeless, while these new citizens live in the comfort of government-subsidized Seniors' Residences, that is one too many. Instead of telling Canadians about the wonders of diversity, when will government officials at all three levels investigate this very serious injustice? Instead of pandering to the recent immigrant vote, when will our elected representatives take action to stop this brazen displacement?



Subject: Fw: Bill C-428, An Act to Amend the Old Age Security Act. (residency requirements )

Mr. Harper….I enclose a letter sent to Liberal MP Ruby Dhalla regarding her persistence in having the time of 10 years in the country before collecting OAS/GIS, reduced to 3 years Residency? (Bill C-428)

As someone who has worked in this country for over 40 yrs and is now retired, I very strongly oppose this Bill ever seeing the light of day and hope that our government will continue to deny this request. To even consider that someone who has been here 3 years….who has contributed not one cent to this country….would receive the same OAS/GIS as myself and my husband, makes me absolutely livid !!

This bill is being put forward by Dhalla solely to support her own Indian community, who continually bring elderly people over here, adding strain to our medical services and draining our resources, paid for by Canadians who have paid taxes over many, many years to be able to collect these resources. People bringing elderly relatives to this country from ANY country in this world should be completely responsible for their well-being instead of draining resources that will have disappeared by the time our CANADIAN children try to collect them.

I feel very, very strongly about this and would like to know, from you, when this Bill will be presented to Parliament. When does it go through the procedures that a Bill has to go through before being a law? I and many other retired people would like the opportunity to oppose this Bill and, if necessary, will be in Ottawa to do just that.

I will be in touch with you and I expect you to represent MY feelings in this also and to help me in any way to voice my opinion on this.

It is time Canada looked after its own citizens before splashing OUR money around on people who have no right to this money, never having contributed to it. If a family wishes to bring elderly relatives here and wishes to waive their own right to collect these resources in order that the elderly relatives can collect, …fine. Otherwise, the family should look after the elderly themselves and not expect the Canadian people to do it. There are too many people abusing the generosity of the Canadian people. It needs to stop….NOW!



I know the following information is factual because I am in touch with the Filipino Community in the Metro Vancouver area. (My wife legally migrated from the Philippines many years ago and is a Canadian Citizen. We met in high school) I would say that the blatant abuse of the Live-in-caregiver progam is at an epidemic level in the Vancouver area.

All one has to do is look at the government's job bank or the many local classifieds to see hundreds if not thousands of advertisements for Caregivers. Filipino “employers” know that if they advertise for two weeks and no Canadian applies for the job , they can then have a family member come from overseas. Of course, many of these “employers” are not real employers.

In fact , I know of one instance where an individual came over under the program because an “arrangement” was made between friends that he would care for some children. Once here, this individual never even met the children he was brought to look after. Instead, he went to work for his sister, a registered nurse . She paid him cash to look after a mentally-challenged man. Her brother has no training to even be working in this field. I am angry and worried for my children's future in this province if the government continues along this destructive path.

As far as our government is concerned , all an “employer” has to do is advertise for a reasonable amount of time (usually 2 weeks) to allow a Canadian citizen a chance at the job. Of course, this requirement is nonsense because what Canadian can live on $7-$9 per hour? The employers know that most, if not all, Canadians will not apply, so then they can ask for an overseas worker to fill the position. The government doesn't care if the care-giver is a relative from overseas.

Another stipulation of the program is that the foreign worker must have experience in child-care. However, many do not, but it is very easy to forge schooling documents in the corrupt Philippines. Another thing most people don't know is that when these individuals, who have come here in questionable ways, have completed their required working hours in Canada and are then applying for permanent resident status, they can name many family members to come here on the same application.

The thing that really gets me is that these questionable workers will bring in 65+ elders, who obviously have put nothing into the system, but who will eventually get a monthly Old Age Security pension.

See the following for examples of some of the job postings: