Trevor Philips Leaps To Scots’ Aid In Immigration Policy Row

Trevor Phillips leaps to Scots' aid in immigration policy row

Source: Edinburgh Evening News
Location: Edinburgh
Last Updated: 18 December 2009 11:01 AM
Published Date: 18 December 2009

THE chairman of the UK's Equality and Human Rights Commission has hit back at MPs who accused the commission's Scottish arm of exceeding its remit by commenting on immigration policy.

Trevor Phillips wrote to the Commons Scottish affairs committee after it published a report earlier this year objecting to attempts to influence immigration policy, which is a Westminster responsibility.

Mr Phillips told the committee: “I was concerned to note the report stated that the committee felt that the commission in Scotland was operating outside its remit in addressing immigration and Scotland's need to attract new people of working age.

“The report implies the committee is of the view that in Scotland our remit is limited to devolved issues. In fact we operate across Great Britain.”

In a response to his comments, the MPs said: “We agree that immigration issues are within the commission's remit. However, we felt the commission was best occupied focussing on dealing with the consequences of immigration for community cohesion.”



Defend What Is Left Of Freedom Of Thought ,

Scotland 18/12/2009 13:05:41
Trevor Phillips is the dictator of all Britain!
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18/12/2009 13:22:47
Trevor Phillip has been discredited by his own organisation, how he is still in a job is a miracle.
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18/12/2009 13:35:49
I see the unionists going in for the kill. Poor Trevor, made the unforgivable mistake of backing the Scots against the Brits.

But thanks anyway Trevor, I'm sure you'll survive.
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18/12/2009 15:02:29
It is an absolute scandal that our political elite are pushing their pro-immigration agenda in contemptuous disregard of the wishes of the ordinary people of this country.

The only reason the politicians want it is that it covers up the yardstick of their own failure: Scotland's perennially declining population which has been a consequence of the lack of economic opportunity here.

Shovelling in immigrants from the third world to do jobs that don't exist, and whose culture is profoundly incompatible with ours, is a betrayal of this nation.

Of course no one dares to speak candidly about the catastrophe that third-world immigration has been for Europe for fear of being called a racist, or even prosecuted, now that our irresponsible elite has succeeded in criminalising contrary opinions.

I am currently reading a book called “Reflections on the Revolution in Europe” by Christopher Caldwell. I suggest that every one of our MSPs and every voter in Scotland read that book and reflect on how our entire civilisation has been betrayed and perhaps fatally injured by our irresponsible elite.

In 100 years most of Europe is going to be living under Sharia thanks to this endlessly parroted dogma about how “enriching” immigration is for us. A “cultural compatibility” test must be introduced for every prospective immigrant.
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Jo Public,

18/12/2009 21:18:38
#4 Ruthven.

Thanks for this. “Reflections on the Revolution in Europe” by Christopher Caldwell is noted.
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19/12/2009 00:31:48
This man Phillips is the racist it is he and his zealots that effectively suppress free speach at least by the non couored section of the community.
You have only to raise the issue of immigration in a conversation and watch the reaction of people to realise they fear for the immigration police sorry Gestapo.
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Defend What Is Left Of Freedom Of Thought ,

Scotland 19/12/2009 17:00:13
Post #6 truthsleuth
He is also part of the constructive genocide programme that successive Britsh governments have been conducting against the indigenous white population of Britain. Since the landing of the Emperor Windrush in 1948 bringing the first wave of African settlers to replace the whites in this country successive Britsh governments have sought different means fo surpressing the aspirations of the remnants of the whites, Phillips is just such another governmental instrument to oppress whites further!
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