Jesus And The Roman Invasion vs. Canada And The Mass Immigration Invasion


The Gospels provide us with intriguing insights into Jesus' country and its
people, particularly the effects of the Roman invasion on Israel.They also
provide a very good comparison to the mass immigration invasion of Canada. 

Jesus' country had been invaded many times prior to his birth. Like
previous invasions of Jesus' Israel, the Roman invasion had caused a loss
of identity, great suffering for many Jews, and the rise of a large group of
collaborators. The immigration invasion has caused similar results in Canada.
Here are 3 similarities between ancient Israel and today's Canada.

1. A large inflow of outsiders to any country leads to a country's loss of
identity and to dreams of becoming itself again.

Most Jews resented the fact that Rome occupied Israel. They looked forward
to a time when they would have their own "anointed" (Messiah or Khristos) who
would lead the country. To some, this King would lead a successful 
insurgency against the Romans.In fact, in Mark's Gospel, one of the 12 close 
disciples of Jesus was a man called Simon "of the Zealot Party", a sect which 
advocated violent overthrow of the Romans. Jesus and his disciples must have 
had conversations about rebelling against the Romans. 

There is other Gospel evidence of similar Jewish sympathy for an insurgency. 
Mark's Gospel refers to Barabbas as an insurgent who had committed murder in 
a rebellion against the Romans. Those who are familiar with the trial of 
Jesus know that when asked which prisoner (Jesus or Barabbas) should be 
released, the crowd at the public trial chose Barabbas (the insurgent), not 
Jesus, the teacher. Demands for Barabbas' release imply that the crowd, and 
probably a significant part of the Jewish population wanted a renewed 

References to rebellion do not end there.The Gospels of Matthew and Mark
refer to the two men who are crucified beside Jesus as "insurgents". This is
more evidence that in the time of Jesus, other Jews were trying to re-gain
control of Israel.Jesus does not advocate violent rebellion, but he clearly
thinks that the prevailing theocracy is a collection of hypocrites whom the
Roman rulers used to maintain their control.In fact, Matthew and Luke quote
Jesus as saying that he has come not to bring peace on Earth (a phrase often
connected with him) but to draw a dividing line between two groups :those who
are truly faithful to traditional Jewish religious principles such as love of
God and neighbour ; and those who are merely Roman-backed hypocrites and

A similar desire to halt the invasion has risen in Canada. Many Canadians
resent the cowardice of our politicians who have collaborated with ethnic groups.
According to a recent immigration poll, a majority think Canada's immigration
levels are too high. Undoubtedly, this is because most think they are being
overwhelmed in many areas and are losing their identity to an immigration
invasion. In fact,if most Canadians were aware of the fact that (1) there is
absolutely no reason for taking 250,000 immigrants per year, and that (2)
Canada's intake has remained at about 250,000 per year for 20 years because
our five main parties have all been afraid to lose their share of the
immigrant vote, the percentage of Canadians opposing current immigration
policies would rise to about 80 or 90%.In fact, we might finally see
Canadians storm Parliament and throw all MP's out the nearest window or door 

Canadian-born don't need to go far to see extremely clear evidence of
invasion. And they don't have to go far to hear the invaders proclaiming
their victory. For example, in British Columbia, a Chinese-Canadian academic
at UBC has publicly proclaimed that non-whites are becoming the majority of
the population in the Metro Vancouver area. A Filipino-Canadian, now the
CBC's Manager of Diversity, has boasted that Vancouver is "an Asian city".
A prominent East Indian newspaper has openly advocated that British
Columbia be divided into two provinces : one would consist of an
immigrant--dominated Metro Vancouver and adjacent Fraser Valley ; the
other would be the rest of British Columbia. All 3 of these sources
acknowledge that immigration is the cause of these recent developments.
A majority of Canadians want to see this trend end immediately and be

2. An invasion of outsiders has negative effects on everyone, even the
most innocent.As an infant, Jesus narrowly escaped being slaughtered by the
soldiers of the Roman-backed King Herod.  Acting upon news from the Magi that
a "King of the Jews" had been born near Bethlehem, Herod the Great had most
of Bethlehem's infant males killed. By doing this, he hoped to prevent a
usurper taking his throne.

The saintly John the Baptist, Jesus' cousin, was also victimized. John had
devoted his ministry to purifying Jewish society from both Roman and
Jewish corruption. He criticized Herod the Great's son, Herod Antipas, for
setting a poor moral example to Jewish society : Herod Antipas had
divorced his wife in order to marry the wife of his own brother who was
still alive. The Herods were Jews of convenience, They led decadent lives and
were held in contempt by practicing Jews. Herod the Great gained favour with
the Jews by re-building the Temple in Jerusalem. Herod's wife, stinging
from John's public rebuke, sunk Herod Antipas' reputation to a new low
when she, out of revenge, got her husband to behead John the Baptist. The
fact that the Roman-backed government could get away with murders like this
of such good people as John the Baptist must have enraged and greatly
depressed Jesus as well as many others.It also must have stirred feelings of
rebellion against the Roman invaders who had taken control of the Jewish

Even if Mary and Joseph had not been interested in the effects of the
Roman invasion, the fact that they had to flee to Egypt to keep Jesus from
being killed would not have endeared them to Herod. It is almost certain
that they would have told Jesus about his escape from death. It is also
highly probable that the family had many discussions about foreign
invaders and colonizers. In particular, Jesus and Mary must have had
conversations about the murder of John the Baptist who was the son of
Mary's cousin. The Gospels imply that Jesus had few contacts with the
Roman hierarchy, but they tell of his many angry conflicts with the corrupt
Jewish religious authorities. The most dramatic example of this was his
cleansing of the Temple.

Similarly, Canadians have good reason to distrust the immigration policy
that has resulted in over 5 million people arriving since 1990. All
Canadians expect the people they elect to represent the people's
interests. But the opposite has happened. The chief effect of the
immigration tsunami has been to make Canadians feel that they are not only
being invaded, but also that they are being ethnically "cleansed" from their
own country.

3. Invaders need a significant number of influential collaborators in the
country they invade.

The evangelists who wrote about Jesus presented much evidence that Jews
were collaborating by valuing their comfortable positions more than their
country's own traditions. For example, Caiphas, the High Priest, was a
Roman appointee who callously argued for Jesus' execution. Caiphas was the
head of the Grand Sanhedrin, ancient Israel's 71 member Supreme Court. In the
Gospel accounts of Jesus' trial, Caiphas pressures the Sanhedrin to condemn
Jesus. The Sanhedrin is described by John's Gospel (12 :42-43) as containing
"many... who believed in (Jesus); but (who) refused to admit it.... They
preferred the praise of men to the glory of God." Other  collaborators were
Jews collecting taxes for the Romans. Jesus did socialize with them, but it
was usually with the intention of reforming the most corrupt of them or, in
the case of ones like Zacchaeus,to celebrate the fact that they were living
as good Jews..

Canada has a virtual rat's nest of collaborators.

At the top of the collaborator list is Canada's immigration industry who,
like Caiphas, have duped many into thinking that any criticism of current
immigration policies is virtual "blasphemy" against Canada's new Religion of
Multiculturalism. If asked to tell when Canadians ever voted for such a
"Religion" to control the country, the immigration industry diverts attention
from this issue. It likes to say that Canada has always been multicultural,
and that 'we are all immigrants". Some of them have gone so far as to say
there are no founding peoples in Canada. Such nonsense enrages almost all
Canadian-born who ask, among many things, "Why are we speaking English and

Not far behind the immigration industry on the collaborator list are the
leaders of all of Canada's 5 major political parties. All know that Canada's
post-1990 intake of about 250,000 immigrants per year began as a result of an
outright, shameless quest for immigrant votes. Yet not one of them has spoken
out against this corruption. Undoubtedly, some MP's disagree with their
leaders, but they have been intimidated into being silent. All 5 leaders and
all MP's have to be held to an accounting. In addition, provincial  and
municipal politicians cannot plead helplessness. All could have used their
influence to apply pressure to Ottawa to do something, but most have been
cowards and have chosen to do nothing.

Our politically-correct media is close behind in the list of collaborators.
On many occasions, researchers have stated that Canada has experienced a
significant decline in its middle class in the past two to three decades. The
media who have broadcast this news have not yet noticed that the decline of
the middle class happened at the same time that Canada took 5+ million
immigrants. The practice of maintaining high immigration in a time of high
unemployment is madness and has obviously caused poverty and hardship for
many Canadians..

There are many more collaborators.

The Sanhedrin referred to the 30 pieces of silver they had paid to Judas
to betray Jesus as "blood money". The term "blood votes" should be applied
to the several million votes that large numbers of our politicians have
grovelled for in the past 20 years. Canada did not need most of the five
million and the country has paid a high price for allowing so many people in
The term "collaborator" definitely applies to the actions of Canada's
sycophantic CBC, the private media and others who have watched the invasion
and been too timid to speak up.

It doesn't have to be this way.