February 28, 2011 : Canada Copies Khadafi, Ignores Demands To Stop “Firing” On Its Own People


Many of Canada’s politicians, particularly federal ones, have been having a field day with events in the Middle East. In particular, they have expressed  indignation about Libya’s Colonel Khadafi whom they have referred to as a madman because he ordered his army to shoot several thousand of his fellow Libyans.

And before Khadafi had done these things, many expressed their contempt for Tunisian and Egyptian leaders who had exploited their countries for decades.  The Middle East, our politicians and many Canadian progressives” have claimed, is unfamiliar with the concept of democracy.  It has not evolved”.

But differences between Canadian politicians and their supporters and, on the other hand, their counterparts in the Middle East, are not as great as Canadian politicians want us to think.

Lets compare the two situations.

(1) Killing fellow citizens : Obviously, Canadian federal political leaders have not fired guns at their own citizens. However, there is absolutely no doubt that they have shamelessly betrayed many Canadians in this recession. They have done that by not demanding that immigration levels be cut in the past three years. No one but the most stupid of humans could possibly believe that it makes any sense to import over a million foreigners at a time when literally hundreds of thousands of Canadians have lost their jobs. Contrary to the recent claims of some politicians, most of the people who lost their jobs have not found jobs that pay as well.  Many others have not found replacement work. Now, because they can no  longer collect Employment Insurance or many have given up hope of getting work, they are not even getting counted as being unemployed. Many feel they have been rendered “invisible” by federal politicians. They have despaired of getting any help from politicians who are more committed to non-Canadians than to Canadians.

There is absolutely no doubt that our unemployed have had to compete with the yearly inflow of 250,000 unnecessary immigrants plus equal numbers of temporary foreign workers. To complicate matters, many Canadians have probably been displaced or had their futures seriously injured or destroyed by public and private employers who have hired recent immigrants and who now mindlessly and hypocritically proclaim they did so to help create diversity. In reality, Canadas federal leaders and all their supporters have created an enormous amount of adversity” for many Canadians. In fact, this group and their supporters  have probably destroyed thousands of more lives than Khadafi has done in the past week. It is absolutely no exaggeration to say that their actions against their own citizens are just as criminal as Khadafis and that they should be held to a full accounting for what they have done.

(2) Mad” and madman: Canada’s political leaders and their supporters like to portray Colonel Khadafi as ‘”mad. They mock his inarticulate and  incoherent speeches.  However, what logical, sane, coherent justification can these people give for not uttering a single objection to  importing close to a million foreigners at a time of high unemployment here.

Canada’s leaders have also allowed employers to bring in Temporary Foreign Workers, not because they fill a need here, but solely because they will accept low wages. For example, it is no secret that some Sikhs have taken over the trucking and construction industries in Metro Vancouver. There is little doubt that this has been accomplished in part by abusing Canada’s regular immigration system and its temporary foreign worker program to import people who will work for less. Canadians did not leave these businesses because Sikhs were doing a better job. And there is no question that  Sikhs are not the only group to abuse. Even Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the supposed keeper of immigration truth”, but really the propagandist for immigration deceit, admits that widespread abuse has happened.

It is also quite probable that significant numbers of employers have used the Temporary Foreign Worker program to get away with virtual people-smuggling. These people claim to be filling jobs” with temporary workers.  But it is probable that many of these jobs don’t really exist. Yet this department never suggests that the most logical course of action would be to  dramatically reduce immigration intake in order to get control of immigration and to clean up the abuse. To top everything off, many politicians and their supporters have become so deluded with their success in flooding Canada that they really think they deserve the applause of Canadians.  Who are the truly mad : these people or Khadafi?

(3) Democracy and Dictatorship : Canadas political leaders imply in their comments about Middle East dictatorships that we should be thankful that we live in a democracy. However, it is clear from what has happened in this recession that our political leaders don’t care about immigrations impact on Canada  and are too cowardly to do anything. They pretend to listen about some issues, but when the immigration bellrings, they spout the absolute nonsense they have been conditioned to say. In other words, on the immigration issue and other matters of huge national importance, Canada has a virtual dictatorship which is interrupted by annoying, intermittent elections.

If this were a democracy, why did not a single party ever ask Canadians if they wanted 250,000 immigrants every year for 20 to 30 consecutive years?  If this were a supposedly open, democratic society, where information is supposed to circulate and help people to make decisions, why did not a single party ever tell Canadians that Ottawas own research told it that Canada didn’t really need all these people? Which party ever inquired of Canadians if they really wanted enormous demographic alterations in Canadian society which will result in Canadas population consisting of 30% visible minorities by 2030?

If Canada were such a modern, free country, why have all 5 federal parties, along with many counterparts at the provincial and municipal levels, declared a virtual primitive taboo on any criticism of immigration? And why do they and others who claim to be progressives” and champions of free speech, act like virtual robots or neo-fascists whenever the immigration issue rises?  To be specific, why do these cheer-leaders of high immigration think they have a right to intimidate others who have the opposite view?  On the immigration issue, which word really describes the behaviour of these Canadians : democratic” or fascist”?

As anyone can see, the similarities between the governments of Canada and the Middle East are clearly much greater than many of our politicians and their supporters want us to think.