They Flail About for Reasons Not to Defend Canadians

They Flail About for Excuses Not to Defend Canadians

Recent developments in Richmond, B.C. demonstrate a refusal by politicians to defend their own citizens.  

Richmond, B.C. stands out among most Canadian municipalities because so-called visible minorities have become the majority of that municipality’s 200,000 population. Chinese immigrants are the largest of all groups, They now comprise well over half of Richmond’s population.  

In the past few months, a group of Richmond residents gathered 1000 signatures on a petition asking Richmond City Council to require businesses to have 70% of their signs in English or French. This past Monday (March 18, 2013), the group’s leaders made a slide presentation to Richmond City Council. The slides depicted the large number of Chinese-Only signs. However, Richmond City Council refused to even study the proposal.

The incident demonstrates several points :

1. Although the mainstream population of virtually all cities and countries would regard the relegation of themselves to minority status by their own government  as a sinister disgrace, Richmond City Council has not protested on behalf of its citizens. In fact, it has done the opposite. It has treated its formerly European-based majority with disdain. And it has cheer-led the relegation of that group to minority status by robotically chanting the multiculturalist politicians’ mantra : numbers do not matter. In reply, Richmond citizens have complained that their city has been transformed into something they never wanted it to be.  So who is right? Is it OK for this city to have allowed its European-based majority to become outnumbered by outsiders? Will Richmond be similar to what it was before? What will happen to the European-based group if this trend continues not just in Richmond, but in many other parts of Canada.

2. Richmond Council and residents do not have to look far to get answers to these questions. Events which happened to Aboriginals on Richmond soil just 150+ years ago show clearly that when Europeans arrived here in large numbers, they imposed their language on the area and gradually seized control from Aboriginals. If Richmond Council were to tell us that Aboriginal Society has flourished because of that, we would say they were complete fools. Yet, instead of admitting the dangers of allowing Richmond to be overwhelmed again and re-colonized, people like those on Richmond Council use the fate of aboriginals to heap even more scorn on Richmond’s mainstream population. They tell the mainstream population they have to pay for their sins. The best ways to do this are to feel guilty and to accept re-colonization.  If ever there were a perversion of politicians’ obligations to their own citizens, this is it.

 In an interview this past week, Richmond’s Mayor Malcolm Brodie expressed this perversion. He dismissed citizens’ concerns about Chinese-Only signs as those of sentimentalists. He stated: “They remember what Richmond was like in the past and they were pleased with it and would like to return to it.” He foolishly tries to proclaim his Council’s moral superiority : “We welcome people from all over the world to come live in Richmond.”,  as if to say that anyone who expresses concern about the unnecessary numbers of newcomers is not “welcoming” and therefore morally inferior to him and his Council. He fails to answer the most relevant question : How would Chinese or other ethnic groups  react if mainstream Canadians arrived in a Chinese or any other foreign city in large numbers ? The answer is clear. Chinese leaders or other nationalities’ leaders would never have tolerated their people becoming a minority in their own city or country. They would have driven out all those who attempted to do this. And they would have been justified in doing that.  

3. Contrary to what Richmond Council might think, a significant percentage of the Chinese population probably sees themselves as the new rulers of Richmond  The Chinese probably also feel that Mayor Brodie and the Richmond City Council have virtually handed the municipality over to them on a platter. What is the evidence? Over the years, the Chinese have seen no resistance from Brodie and other politicians to their incursion. They have also seen no municipal consultation with Richmond’s mainstream population to see what they think. In fact, many of the Chinese would probably admit that the Chinese-Only signs are an indication of their contempt for past and current Richmond City Councils’ weakness and servility.

4. Most Canadians in Richmond will accept some immigration for humanitarian reasons. Most will accept a limited amount if Canada needs people. But critics would say that if Richmond Council had done even the most elementary research, they would have realized many years ago that the major demographic change in Richmond and other parts of Canada was being caused by unnecessary immigration. Most people would also say that if Richmond Council  had been performing its duty to its citizens, it should have demanded that Ottawa end unnecessary immigration. But Richmond Council said and did absolutely nothing.  

5. Although Richmond Council , provincial governments and Ottawa like to boast that immigration produces substantial economic benefits, Ottawa’s own research has told them these claims are not true. In fact, the Chinese and other major ethnic groups who have come to Richmond and to other parts of  Metro Vancouver have caused significant negative economic effects on their new place of residence. For example, a significant number of the Chinese who live in Richmond have entered Canada with large amounts of money and have inflated house prices to the million dollar range there, some of the highest in the world. Ironically, to add insult to injury, their arrival in Richmond  and other parts of Metro Vancouver and Canada has been accomplished with money made by de-industrializing the West through the use of cheap Mainland Chinese labour.

6. As the Chinese-Only signs show, the arrival of huge numbers of Chinese in Richmond has produced other very negative and peculiar economic results there. For example, contrary to the claims of many governments that immigration produces jobs for locals, many Richmond employers now advertise that Mandarin or Cantonese are a requirement for many jobs. In addition, Employment Equity measures have put very large numbers of Chinese and other ethnics into both private and government jobs simply because they are ethnic.  In other words, instead of immigration producing job opportunities for mainstream Canadians, many mainstream Canadians have been completely bypassed. By now, some government agency should have calculated the number of jobs that require Cantonese or Mandarin, and the effect of Employment Equity. But that has not been done­ The excuse that this has not happened because some people in government realize that such information would result in the ends of many shameful, quisling political careers is a poor excuse. In Richmond alone, a very conservative estimate of job losses imposed on mainstream  Canadians would probably be in the many thousands.

7. Let’s take this matter up a level or two. It is no exaggeration to say that Richmond is the proverbial “canary in the Canadian coal mine”. It is a predictor of major, very serious negative consequences for all mainstream Canadians,  particularly in those areas that have faced a tsunami of unnecessary immigration from a number of ethnic groups, not just the Chinese. The areas that have been heavily inundated are Metro Vancouver cities such as Surrey (population 500,000­many of whom are Sikhs) ; the City of Vancouver ; Calgary ; Winnipeg; Toronto ; Brampton, Markham and other southern Ontario communities ; and Greater Montreal. Most of the municipal governments of all of these places have raised absolutely no objections to huge inflows of unnecessary immigration.

8. In Metro Vancouver alone, these governments are now telling citizens that they must spend billions of dollars on new transportation projects in order to accommodate population growth. But all of these governments refuse to tell residents that in Metro Vancouver, population growth in the past 22 years and unnecessary immigration are the same thing. Not a single municipality has asked whether this growth is necessary. And not a single one has consulted with their populations about whether this unending growth makes any sense. Instead, they tell their citizens that it is inevitable. and that densification (that is, creating a human sardine can) in Canada will solve all problems. In a green-washing perversion, they tell us that this will make Canada greener because it will make Canada much more energy-efficient !! The truth is that unnecessary immigration of well over 5 million people in the past 22 years has significantly increased Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions.

9. In other areas of Canada, municipal and provincial governments have been equally deceptive. Worst of all, MP’s who have the legislative power to correct this mounting disaster, have meekly complied with a policy of virtually institutionalizing an intake of  250,000 immigrants per year. It is no exaggeration to say that this policy, at the very least, amounts to institutionalizing gross stupidity and cowardice. Ultimately, it amounts to legalized genocide of Canada’s European-based population.

This policy is a flagrant abandonment by MP’s and other politicians (from the municipal level to the federal level) of their obligation to defend their own citizens. The people who have introduced and supported these policies have to be held to a severe accounting.