RBC Makes Canadian Workers Dig Their Graves Before It Shoots Them

RBC Makes Canadian Workers Dig Their Graves Before It Shoots Them

A firestorm has exploded over recent news that Canada’s largest bank, the Royal Bank of Canada (also known as RBC ), has imported Temporary Foreign IT workers from India and has forced its Canadian IT workers to train them. The Canadian IT workers who currently have those jobs are to be laid off after the training is complete. Some critics have compared this situation to war-time incidents where people are forced to dig their own graves before they are shot.

This is just one more of the many completely outrageous immigration events that have occurred over the past 22+ years of mass immigration to Canada. Many have involved lower-paid workers, but this incident is strictly about those in white collar jobs.  

Here are some important things for all Canadians to consider :

(1) Every year, The Royal Bank of Canada (the largest of Canada’s banks and one of the most successful ) announces billions of dollars in profits. Clearly, in return for making billions from Canadians, The Royal Bank needs to learn a new code of conduct. Ottawa and our provincial governments have to teach RBC that if it is hire anyone, it is not just a good idea, but obligatory to hire Canadians.  In-sourcing its jobs to imported India-based Temporary Foreign Workers or out-sourcing jobs to East Indians in India should not be tolerated. RBC’s quisling and disgraceful treatment of its employees shows its contempt and disrespect for Canadians and for Canada.  Justice would be properly served if Royal Bank clients now took their business elsewhere.

(2)  Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) President Gordon Nixon has a history of actions like the current displacement of RBC IT workers by East Indians. His bank has profited significantly from selling mortgages to recent immigrants and he favors immigration-driven population growth in Canada. In fact, in 2005, he recommended that Canada increase its immigration intake to 400,000 per year from the 250,000 intake which is already the highest per capita in the world. While many Canadians have complained that they have been overwhelmed by unnecessary immigration, Nixon obviously thinks more Canadians need to be drowned. If our politicians are innocent of involvement in this scandal, then all of them, particularly Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, Human Resources Minister Diane Finley, Prime Minister Harper and the leaders of all of our political parties should publicly censure Nixon and the RBC and fine them to the full extent possible. In fact, such fines should be increased to stratospheric heights in order to make sure that Nixon and his RBC fifth column colleagues get the message. These people have blood on their hands and they learn slowly.

(3) The RBC example is the proverbial tip of the iceberg. So, the same message has to be immediately sent to thousands of other employers who are also importing Temporary Foreign Workers or regular immigrants in order to displace Canadian workers. These employers too have destroyed Canadian workers lives and have blood on their hands. Loblaw is one of the other guilty large employers. It is one of the biggest grocery chains in Canada and last fall laid off most of its IT work-force. According to reliable sources, Loblaw also required its IT work-force to train East Indian IT workers to do their jobs. Canadian IT employees were told that training the East Indians was an absolutely necessary qualification for severance pay. It is probable that the same India-based labour contractor is involved with Loblaw.

(4) Unions have to learn the same lesson. Although several have protested strongly against Mainland Chinese miners being imported by a Chinese Labour contractor / coal mine owner in British Columbia, most unions have completely ignored the effects of close to six million post-1990 immigrants on their own work-forces. In fact, they have pretended that these millions of immigrants have had no negative effects. Furthermore, instead of protesting against the unnecessary job competition created by the arrival of so many unnecessary immigrants, they have concentrated on getting “justice” for the unfair treatment given to an additional 300,000 Temporary Foreign workers. Many Canadians wonder if the union executives live in this country !!! With notable exceptions, many union executives have also helped to destroy the lives of Canadian workers and also have blood on their hands.

(5) Our media is equally guilty. They have devoted minimal attention to the effects on Canada of mass immigration and a massive Temporary Foreign Worker inflow. A number of them have actually suppressed coverage of this issue.  Chief among the suppressors has been our CBC which, because it is financed by all Canadians, should feel obligated to protect Canadian workers. Ironically, it has performed its duty by publishing the RBC  IT worker story, but in almost all other cases, it has shamelessly and arrogantly behaved in the opposite way. In fact, lately, it has been campaigning for “Cultural Diversity in the Work-Place”. This completely misses the point of dealing with mass immigration and a massive TFW intake, both of which are probably amply tainted with fraud. A significant number of our media have acted in the same way. They have clearly helped to destroy the lives of Canadian workers. Both they and  the CBC also have blood on their hands. Canadians need a full accounting from them for their disgraceful coverage of the immigration issue.

(6) To sum up, Ottawa should immediately draft legislation that tells all labour contractors, Canadian and other, that making Canadian workers dig their graves before the contractors shoot them is the most serious and despicable of all crimes and will be dealt with accordingly. Ottawa should use the India-based labour contractor (iGATE) to set a memorable example to all the other contractors who are involved in this unjust practice.


The following is a link to the CBC news item on the Royal Bank :