Quebec Should Really Be Saying, “We Are Full.”

Quebec Should Really Be Saying, “We Are Full.”

Let’s be frank : Quebec’s Charter of Values is a reaction  to unnecessary immigration. The problem is that the Charter is a round-about way of getting at this issue. Quebec should have been much more direct. It  should have taken the political initiative for all of Canada and said,  “We are full.” , meaning “We have gone far beyond Quebec’s and Canada’s cultural saturation point. We have far too many minority groups and we are tired of their demands.” 

There are other good reasons to say that Quebec is “full”, but that is a starter.

If polls on the public’s views are to be given weight, the majority of Quebec’s population supports the Charter. Close to half of the rest of Canada does too. Meanwhile, the leaders of all three of our major political parties have denounced the Charter. They claim that Canada should follow their supposedly “morally superior” way. They imply that anyone who dares to think that Quebec and any other part of Canada has the right to stand up and defend itself against the immigration flood suffers from a disease. The problem for our so-called “leaders” is that the Quebec population’s dis-ease is quite a sensible reaction of a society in the process of being overwhelmed.  In contrast, the comments of our “leaders” are sycophantic, cowardly and treacherous.   

So, for the benefit of those “leaders” and a significant number of Canadians who feel too intimidated or brain-washed to express a view critical of  Canada’s immigration intake, let’s review two fundamental rules in immigration policy that every country has to follow in order to survive :

(1) NEVER ALLOW YOUR MAINSTREAM POPULATION TO BECOME A MINORITY.  If you don’t  follow this rule,  you are accepting re-colonization. It is outrageous and telling that none of our three major parties has ever expressed any concern about this cultural fundamental.  The multicultural policies they subscribe to imply that there need be no limit to the number of newcomers that Canada takes.  Let them tell nonsense like that to Canada’s First Nations !!

They also imply that the political entity called ‘Canada” can continue to exist in spite of how culturally different the people from other areas of the world might be. Most of the newcomers will agree that Canadian  society is superior to the societies that many of them came from. If it were not, why did they leave those societies and come here?

Yet many of these newcomers now want to make Canada look like their countries of origin. For example, many of those countries are environmental disasters  because they are grossly overpopulated. For that reason alone, it would be logical for people from such places to want to avoid re-creating a population crisis here. However, the goal of a significant number of these arrivals is to increase their numbers by all methods necessary. The majority of Quebec’s population is tired of accommodating these people’s demands to make Quebec resemble their  failed societies. The  majority can sense that continuing down that road is wrong. 

(2) NEVER ALLOW IMMIGRATION INTAKE TO BECOME LARGER THAN  YOUR COUNTRY’S ECONOMIC NEEDS. Immigration can have a small humanitarian factor, but it exists for the benefit of the host country. Our major political parties have violated this rule over and over. The most brazen example of this occurred in the last recession when none of them complained about increasing immigration at a time when hundreds of thousands had just lost their jobs.  According to a number of experts, Canada’s national unemployment rate is now probably almost double the 7% that is commonly announced. For certain parts of our population, it is probably well over 20%. There are some Canadians who are not making an effort to train themselves or to make the necessary move to other parts of the country to find employment. But the unemployment numbers are so high that this excuse cannot be applied to all of our unemployed and cannot be used as a reason to continue importing huge numbers of people. 

Canada is now in a situation where employer greed in both the resource extraction and service sectors may be at an all-time high. The resource sector wants to extract non-renewable resources and to sell them as quickly as possible. The prices it gets for them do not take into account the cost of cleaning up the mess that the extraction leaves behind. That is to be left to ordinary taxpayers and to future generations. In cases where the resources do not involve creating a mess, the employers pay no attention to the fact that the resources are finite and in need of being conserved for future generations of Canadians. Furthermore, in service industries, low-wage employers like Tim Horton’s  exploit whatever sentiment and loop-holes they can to import low-wage labour.

Both employers and the immigration lobby claim that “Diversity” in the work-place and in the country is essential. Where is the evidence to support that? Since the mid-1980’s, both have used the grossly-faulty work of Rosalie Abella on preferential hiring to batter down the doors of common sense and to fill our work-places with minorities that Canada never needed. 

Contrary to what Canada’s major political parties advocate, no country has an obligation to commit suicide, whether it be cultural, economic or environmental.  The current world model for national suicide is Syria with its diverse groups. but there are countless other models. If Syria or any of these other countries could turn back the clock and avoid Diversity, they would jump at the chance. The pursuit of such nonsense as Diversity will deliver the same negative results here.

Those opposed to Quebec’s Charter tell us that the Charter is the government’s  cheap way of deflecting attention from Quebec’s current negative economic condition. These critics fail to acknowledge that unnecessary immigration has created a large surplus of labour which has undoubtedly contributed to Quebec’s current negative economic state.  If  Canada continues to accept this unnecessary labour inflow, it is accepting an inevitable and unending descent into low wages and a lower standard of living. 

So, Quebec,  let’s be more direct. Let’s hear you say, “We are full. We have accepted far too many minorities and we have gone far beyond our saturation point.’

And, the rest of Canada, let’s see you show the same courage.