Neighbourhoods Are in Revolt, But They Haven’t Identified What To Revolt Against

Neighbourhoods Are in Revolt, But They Haven’t Identified What To Revolt Against

Vancouver City Council is facing a serious problem. Residents in 4 of its 23 neighbourhoods are rebelling against City Council’s plans to densify their neighbourhoods. Residents in many other parts of the city are just as dissatisfied.  All are right in going to City Hall to voice their concerns.  All are right in  saying “densification” plans are the cause of their concerns.

The strange thing is that all must be aware, at some level of consciousness, that unending population growth is the ultimate cause of the densification plans. And the chief cause of unending population growth in Vancouver and most other Canadian cities  is “Unnecessary immigration”. However, these people refuse to identify it as the thing to  revolt against. So the question is this : Why can’t they say these words?

Let’s go through the so-called “hierarchy”, for lack of a better word, of groups in the city who talk around this issue.

The first is Vancouver City Council which absolutely refuses to say these words. In fact, in a fit of absolute delusion, it has proclaimed that its goal is to make Vancouver “The World’s Greenest City”.  We’ll say that again in a slightly different way : Vancouver City Council plans to make Vancouver “The World’s Greenest City” by complying with federal government plans to off-load 50,000 immigrants into Metro Vancouver this year—as it has every year since Canada’s mass (and unnecessary) immigration policy started in 1991.

Let’s provide some perspective : It took about well over a century for Metro Vancouver’s population to reach 1 million. It took just another 25+ years to reach 2 million and, unless the madness stops,  it will take just another 25+ years to reach 3 million. The cause of almost all (85%) of the increase is unnecessary immigration. Let’s repeat : “unnecessary” immigration.

As we have said before, our federal government has never provided a single sensible reason for importing so many people. It has also refused to acknowledge that countries without a “Population Size Policy” usually find themselves in extremely serious difficulties.  In fact, the countries that Canada  takes most of its immigrants from are unsalvageable environmental disasters. Some of these new people appreciate that Canada is cleaner that their countries of origin. Good for them.  But many bring a “cesspool tolerance” with them and see nothing wrong with what our federal government is doing. 

Our point is this : the path that Vancouver is on will take the city into an environmental cesspool, not into “The World’s Greenest City’ status.  Putting more people into any place does not make any place “greener”.  In fact, the opposite happens.

Vancouver’s suburbs are compliantly following Vancouver’s poor example. There may be a few who are alarmed at what is going on, but almost no one in those suburbs can say it in understandable English. Similar things are happening in most parts of Canada. The only difference is that in Quebec, few can say it in understandable French !!

Why is this happening? Is there a huge marijuana grow-up operation in full bloom, so to speak, in the basement of Vancouver City Hall ?  Has Vancouver City Council been indulging and become so impaired  that they too cannot speak English any more? 

The problem does not stop there. When the City’s main newspapers publish articles about these issues, they too never say these words. In fact, when The Vancouver Sun devoted its front page on Sept. 24 to their “Neighbourhoods In Revolt” article, the reporter made no mention of these words. When the city’s other media, (as well as those in the suburbs)  devote time to this issue, they do the same. 

One Vancouver woman has courageously spoken of a consequence of unnecessary immigration (unending population growth) : the destruction of a huge percentage of Vancouver’s older houses. But even she can’t seem to get her tongue around the defining magic words.

The area’s post-secondary institutions, which you might logically expect to be ringing alarm bells with their research  on this issue, also can’t speak those words. Instead, the presidents of the two largest universities tell us that “Diversity” (which now consists of unending immigration from non-European-based cultures)  is necessary to our futures.  We won’t be charitable here : This sounds like a twisted, sick line out of  George Orwell’s 1984, rather than anything sensible.   

And speaking of “sensible”, Canadians won’t get much sense from most of our federal and provincial representatives.  In fact, most of them are so addicted to what we have called “institutionalized gross stupidity” (an immigration intake of 250,000 per year) and the grovelling that accompanies it, that their chances of kicking the habit and learning how to speak either of Canada’s two official languages are slim. 

Yes, the City of Vancouver,  Metro Vancouver and the rest of Canada need a revolt . But let’s start with speaking plain English or French and identifying the problem. 

Things don’t have to be the way they’ve been.