An Immigration Primer for Ontario Premier Wynne

An Immigration Primer for Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne
On Sunday, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne commented on a Brampton immigration flyer : “…(the flyer) can’t be tolerated. That kind of divisive action really is not consistent with who we are as Canadians,” She also  characterized the flyer as hateful and joined Brampton Mayor Susan Fennel who has asked the Brampton police to investigate the flyer and consider charges.
To say the very least, these comments and actions are the ridiculous words and actions of hypocrites. These people want to be praised for being great humanitarians to recently-arrived immigrants. The problem is they simultaneously put a knife in the back of mainstream Canadians.
If anyone should be accused of hate crimes, it is politicians like them who have placed the interests of Canada’s ethnic groups above the interests of most Canadians.  If anyone should be investigated by the police, it is politicians like them who have pandered to Canada’s ethnic groups in order to get into office. When there, they have continued to fawn. If the police are looking for a crime to investigate, how about betrayal of Canada’s majority population. Few people get charged with “treason” today , but all those who have promoted high immigration and created misery for millions of Canadians deserve to be.
Most Canadians will accept very limited numbers of immigrants, but most do not want the unjustified high numbers that have occurred in Canada. Numbers matter !!! That idea applies  in Canada, Tibet, the Balkans, and every other country. For 23 years, the numbers here have been far too high. This is our point.
Here is an immigration primer for Ms. Wynne in particular :
(1) Neither Ms. Wynne nor Fennel seem to have grasped the message of the flyer. Its major point is that mainstream Canadians were reduced to a minority in Brampton between 2001 and 2011. The Sikhs are the major ethnic group there. The flyer says that. The flyer is not an attack on all Sikhs, but on Canada’s immigration gate-keepers and those Sikhs and similar members of other groups whose primary purpose has been to  significantly increase their numbers.
Mainstream Canadians in other Canadian cities have suffered the same fate from other groups. The Mainland Chinese, Muslims and others  dominate in other areas of Canada. The most significant point is that unless senseless immigration ends, the entire country will suffer the fate of being overwhelmed : Canada’s mainstream  population is projected to become a minority in many of its largest cities by 2031. Canadian demographers have not calculated when the same thing will happen in the entire country, but that will probably occur not much later. What country would ever tolerate something like this? Would the Sikhs like to see themselves reduced even further in percentage in the Punjab? Why are they now protesting against the arrival of other Indians in the Punjab? Would the Chinese have tolerated any of their cities becoming overwhelmed by white Canadians?
The most basic of all principles that most countries observe is this : Never allow  your mainstream population to become a minority. Canadian government policy has violated this principle. The result for many Canadians has been marginalization. The question many Canadians have is this : Will Canada still be Canada if these groups  (many of whom want to re-create their own failed societies here) succeed in becoming a majority? To many Canadians, the answer is a resounding “NO”. In fact, many Canadians  view what is happening as a combination of national execution and suicide.
Yet, in all of the last 23 years, Ottawa has never acknowledged that its mass immigration policy (an average of 250,000 per year) might cause this to happen.  The Brampton immigration flyer does not tell Canadians what to do. It merely asks “Is this what you really want?” The point is that successive Canadian governments and their  immigration ministers have never asked Canadians if they wanted 250,000 immigrants per year.
Worse, Canada’s last Immigration Minister Jason Kenney boasted about ‘institutionalizing” that figure.  Obviously, this statement shows contempt for most Canadians.  Even worse, on Sunday, while wearing a turban at a Sikh festival, he referred to the Brampton flyer as the work of the “fringe of the fringe”. Our advice to him is to get a grip. Of all of Ottawa’s policies, its immigration intake policy, which he presided over, could best be described as institutionalized gross stupidity and the real ‘fringe of the fringe” of anything produced by any federal government in decades.
Here’s some more advice for him: Get to Confession ASAP and then perform a real Act of Contrition by persuading your government to end Canada’s high immigration intake policy. That might just influence Ms. Wynne who seems intent on complying with current policy and making sure that Canadians never get asked whether they want this  institutionalized gross stupidity to continue.  
The result of that policy has been one of the great perversions in politics : Canada has become a country in which minorities dictate immigration policy as well as other policies to the majority. How about Mr. Kenney and Ms. Wynne advocating some real democracy and justice, and defending the majority, instead of foisting the aims of minorities (particularly those who want to vastly increase their numbers) on the majority?
(2) Premier Wynne seems to have forgotten that she got to her current position as a result of the majority of Canadians acknowledging that it was wrong to discriminate against people like her because of  her sexual orientation. As a lesbian, she benefited greatly from free speech and evolving democracy. Now that she has a powerful position,  she seems to think that she has the right to silence others. Canada has a similar message for her : Get a grip.
Premier Wynne should realize that many of the immigrants who have recently arrived in Ontario are quite hostile to the small “l” liberal policies that have benefited her. It is no exaggeration to say that if sufficient numbers of these new immigrants coalesce in an effort to reverse those policies, she and many others will pay the very heavy price of their very existences not being tolerated !!!. It is in her own interest (but also in the interest of  all of Canada) to recognize these dangers, restrict immigration entry and to prevent Balkanization here. On the immigration issue, she likes to present herself as sooo.. superior. If she really is, why has she said and done nothing to protect her own province from a very serious immigration danger?
(3) Ms. Wynne does not seem to realize the effects on White Canadians of policies like Employment Equity for Visible Minorities and “Diversity Hiring”. Wynne’s predecessor, Dalton McGuinty, actually introduced a “Hire an Immigrant”  program in which a large grant was given to employers who hired immigrants. This was done at a time when many White Canadians had no jobs. Had the brains of McGuinty and his colleagues stopped functioning when they did this?  All of these measures have never been justified, are clearly race-based, and give hiring preference to visible minorities.
Let’s be blunt : Employment Equity for Visible Minorities means Employment Inequity for mainstream Canadians. The point is that it was a clear mistake to have brought to Canada many of the people who arrived in the past 23 years.  Giving them hiring preference compounds the mistake. No one knows how many visible minorities have been hired through these policies. But it must be in the hundreds of thousands at least. Wynne is quick to jump when visible minorities complain. Will she jump to stop discrimination against Canada’s majority population?
(4) Ms. Wynne also does not seem to know that Canada’s immigration intake is an abnormality in Canada’s immigration history. Prior to 1990, Canada had a “Tap-On  / Tap-Off” immigration policy. This meant that when Canada had economic recessions, it turned its immigration intake down or off. This was done to protect jobless Canadians. The best example of this occurred in the 1930 s when Canada turned the tap almost completely off. Ottawa abandoned that policy in 1990 when then Immigration Minister Barbara McDougall increased immigration to 250,000 per year so that, to paraphrase her,  her Progressive Conservative Party could better compete with the Liberal Party for the immigrant vote. In the annals of shameless government actions, this has to be near the top !!!  Ms. Wynne sees herself as a champion of social justice, but she is either completely unaware of what McDougall did or she is deliberately ignoring it. As premier of a province that has about 38% of Canada’s entire population,  she should be putting  pressure on Ottawa to change this shameless policy. It has remained in place in spite of three serious economic downturns since 1990. Obviously, it has negatively affected, if not destroyed, the lives of hundreds of thousands of jobless Canadians, a group which includes recent immigrants. As the firestorm over Temporary Foreign Workers rages, most Canadians acknowledge that Canadians must be considered first for any jobs. But the point being missed is that senseless immigration has caused a much bigger mess than the TFW programme ever created.
At any time, lives are destroyed and blood is spilled when people lose their jobs. Let us compare : People who murder and assault are sent to prison.  Let’s apply the same punishment to the politicians who have destroyed the lives of many Canadians. Yes, Canada needs a police investigation, but it should be directed at the politicians who have cheer-led immigration policies that have destroyed the lives of many Canadians. Are Ms. Wynne and  the Mayor of Brampton prepared to face charges?
(5) As Premier of Ontario, Ms. Wynne also seems to be ignoring the conclusions of Ontario’s Environment Commissioner, Gord Miller. She must be aware that he has stated that Southern Ontario does not have the water resources to support the population increase projected for 2030 (largely a result of unnecessary immigration). He has also said that it  does not have the ability to handle the wastes generated by the unnecessary increase in population. The only way to avoid those very serious problems for her province is to pressure Ottawa to reduce immigration.
Here’s something else Ms. Wynne doesn’t seem to know : As far back as 1976, Canada’s Science Council (Canada’s most eminent scientists) stated that our entire country had to realize that its large size did not mean that it could have an open-door immigration policy and take unlimited numbers of immigrants. It stated that if Canada wanted to retain its standard of living, it had to conserve its resources, restrict immigration and stabilize its population. Because Ontario has taken around 3 million of the  6 million immigrants who have arrived in Canada since 1990, and Ottawa is planning to send many millions more to Ontario in future, Premier Wynne has a special duty to perform. When is she going to discard her obsession with getting the immigrant vote and deal with the very serious realities that all governments have to deal with?
The Solution : Canada desperately needs an-all party, negotiated settlement to reduce immigration intake. This would mean that all parties acknowledge that continuing with the present course of action (which entails all parties competing for their share of the immigrant vote), will lead to extreme social conflict not only for Ontario, but for the rest of Canada. Canada’s provinces have a constitutional role to play in immigration. As Premier of the province of Ontario, Ms. Wynne could be playing a historically significant role in this process. Instead of pandering to many ethnic groups and spouting platitudes about the Brampton flyer at a Sikh festival last Sunday, why doesn’t she seize an opportunity to do something of urgent national significance?