Four Lessons From The Brampton Flyer Saga


(1) ONTARIO’S PROVINCIAL POLITICIANS INVITE CONTEMPT WHEN THEY GROVEL.  All of them are now in the midst of a provincial election.  But before setting out on the campaign trail, Ontario’s MPP’s unanimously passed a resolution condemning the producers of the Brampton flyer.  Before these MPP’s (particularly Premier Wynne) get too smug, they should consider what some of the Sikhs think of  them, the grovelling they have just done and that which they are about to perform in the election. To illustrate, here are views from two Sikhs, the first of whom calls himself a ‘Sikh politician’ :

(a) ” Immigration of the Sikhs into Canada from all over the world will NEVER stop no matter how many flyers, demonstrations or Butt-Hurt bitches cry and yell about it. (LOL). Money is Power and we Gotzz it. Canadian politicians come WAGGING their tails, into our SIKH GURDWARAS (Sikh Temples) to gain the Support of the STRONG Sikh community 60 times a year.”  (b) “We are taking over and there’s nothing you can do.”

As honest and devout Sikhs will testify, there is a considerable amount of arrogance in a significant part of their group. The respectful Sikhs know that a certain number of the group have contempt for Canada and have grossly abused Canada’s immigration and refugee system in order to bring in large numbers of their group. If mainstream Canadians had arrived on the Punjab’s doorstep and done the same things there, these arrogant Sikhs would have wasted no time, even with ceremonial kirpans,  to drive the mainstream Canadians out.  But these arrogant members think that mainstream Canadians have no right to defend Canada from them.

No community or country wants its mainstream population to be outnumbered. In the Brampton flyer issue, it is complete hypocrisy for Sikh spokespersons to portray themselves as victims when they have probably played a significant part in the disrespect shown to Canada. The honest Sikhs have a respect for cultural limits and have probably chastised the arrogant and fraudulent in their group—while cringing in dismay as Ontario MPP’s groveled to the hypocritical and arrogant in the Sikh group.

(2) ONTARIO’S MUNICIPAL POLITICIANS INVITE CONTEMPT WHEN THEY GROVEL. Many will be running in municipal elections later this year. All should absorb a few lessons from what is happening to Brampton Mayor Susan Fennell. Obviously, she did not understand the flyer’s message. She tried to get charges laid against the people who produced the flyer which indirectly asked mainstream Canadians an important cultural question : “Do you want to become a minority in your own country?” Ironically, Fennel’s expense claims are being audited and she faces the distinct possibility of being charged for claiming expenses that she should never have claimed. Could it be that she is using the Brampton flyer incident to distract voters from focusing on her improper behaviour and, by playing the role of defender to the Sikhs, she is trying to curry much more favour than ever with the Sikhs who now comprise a significant part of Brampton’s 500,000 population?

Most important of all in this issue, municipal politicians as well as those at the other two levels of government have to answer one very important question : “Will Canada still be Canada if the current flood of senseless immigration continues?” For those politicians who seem to think that it will be the same, we have copied  below the mild-mannered but despairing view of an immigrant from a Third World country. Such countries have provided the vast majority of the immigrants Canada has received in the past 23 years. This immigrant sees the Canada he came to being replaced by the failed societies that many recent immigrants came from :

” I am an immigrant who moved to Canada to live in a society which is based on reason. I have been disappointed with the focus on multiculturalism and lowering of standards in the name of recognizing foreign credentials. After making huge personal sacrifices to move here, I find it very frustrating that all that I thought I had left behind (and escaped from) stares me in the face everyday in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area)”

To him, it would seem, the word “multiculturalism” does not mean “multi-ethnic”. On the contrary, it  means a sinister dilution of Canada’s traditions and its mainstream population, and a changing of Canada into something that most Canadians, even many recently-arrived immigrants, never asked for and never wanted.

(3)  THE MEDIA INVITES CONTEMPT WHEN IT GROVELS. Its treatment of the Brampton flyer issue demonstrates that it often misses the point of what is happening around it. In the Brampton flyer incident, it repeatedly portrayed the Sikhs as victims. The main point of the flyer was  that Brampton’s mainstream people are the victims. This is a result of two things : (a) aggressive immigration lobby pressure, particularly by the arrogant and dishonest in the Sikh group, but in other groups as well, and (b) a federal immigration policy which can most accurately be described as institutionalized gross stupidity and grovelling.  Brampton’s mainstream population became a minority between 2001 and 2011, declining from about 60 % to close to 30% of the city’s population.. The Sikhs did most of the displacing. The point of the flyer is that Brampton is a microcosm of what is happening all across Canada. Other recent ethnic groups such as the Chinese have arrogant and dishonest members who have acted similarly. To most normal human beings, the fact that a mainstream group has been reduced to minority status in their community is significant. In fact, it  is alarming. So what about being reduced to minority status in your whole country? To most normal humans, such a possibility should provoke a call to the barricades !!!. But our media in most cases completely missed this point.  Was the after-work call to the nearest tavern that strong for them?

When the immigration issue arises, Canadians have come to expect our CBC to grovel, particularly at the sight of any ethnic markers whether they be turbans, hijabs or dark skin. The CBC does good work on some issues, but it is obsessed with mining the western world for chances to play the race card and to intimidate Canadians into submission to CBC and immigration lobby views. There is absolutely no question that the CBC has suppressed extremely important immigration information and sided with the immigration lobby. In the Brampton flyer case, it has again grossly violated  journalism ethics and re-declared itself as the propagandist for Canada’s immigration lobby.  It seems to have forgotten that the Canadian public gives it close to $1 Billion per year.

For all those from top to bottom at the CBC, let’s make a clear point : Canada does not give the CBC $1 Billion to parrot what the immigration lobby (immigration lawyers, advocates and ethnic groups) say. Because the public feeds the CBC, the CBC has an exceptional obligation  to the Canadian public.  Issues such as the mainstream population becoming a minority in its own country have massive national significance. But in this case, our CBC has groveled. It seems not to realize that when it is grovelling at boot level, it will find it hard to see what is happening from the ankles up.

Like the CBC, the private media have not performed much better in this case.  At best, most have been mere robots.  The combined behaviour of both the CBC and private media in this case shows that  if journalism is not the most degraded of all professions in Canada, it is close to the worst.



For an insight into the spending of Brampton Mayor Susan Fennell, and her need to divert voter attention to other issues, see

Spending Scandal Catching Up With Brampton Mayor Susan Fennel, Pollster Says


Brampton Mayor Susan Fennell’s ongoing spending scandal could jeopardize her bid for a fifth straight term in office, according to a new poll of the city’s voters.

A Forum Research poll conducted over the weekend shows that right now Fennell would lose by a wide margin to current Councillor John Sanderson, whose name has been mentioned for the mayor’s job.

The poll shows Sanderson would get 46 per cent of the vote, compared to 33 per cent for Fennell and 21 per cent have no opinion. It also shows that almost six out of 10 Brampton residents do not like the job Fennell is doing as mayor.

The poll used a survey of 1,060 residents over 18-years-old and is considered accurate within plus or minus 3 percentage point, 19 times out of 20.

In a three-way race with Fennell, Sanderson and former Mississauga-Brampton South MP Navdeep Bains, Sanderson would still win with 34 per cent of the vote, Fennell at 31 per cent and Bains at 19 per cent, with 16 per cent undecided, according to the poll.

Fennell put her name in for the race right after registration opened Jan. 2. Four other candidates have since registered: Sukhjinder Gill, John Ishmael, Sewak Manak and Miriam Wylie.

Sanderson, who is serving his second term on council has not registered, but told the Star two weeks ago he is strongly considering a run.

“I want to get the ice storm cleanup completely taken care of.” Sanderson is the council representative on an emergency response task force.

He listed a number of other pressing issues that need his attention before focussing on a campaign, such as an upcoming forensic audit of council spending that he called for in November.

“But I’m also looking seriously at the mayor’s race. I will make a decision soon.”

The audit has been a focus of residents since Fennell’s spending — first-class air travel, $1,300 for Mandarin lessons, $700-a-night hotel stays, $1,500 for orchestra tickets, all paid by taxpayers — was revealed under freedom of information laws.

Forum Research President Lorne Bozinoff said the mayor’s spending habits could cost her.

“It appears Mayor Fennell’s big-spending ways have left her at a disadvantage to at least one challenger, and she doesn’t prevail even in a multi-candidate race, which is problematic for an incumbent.”

Fennell’s cost to taxpayers began to be revealed last January when it was learned that $175,000 of taxpayer money had been spent to send senior staff to the mayor’s private events without council’s knowledge.

She then came under fire for three first-class flights for separate trips to Asia over four months.

In March salary disclosures showed her City of Brampton and Peel Region salary made her Canada’s highest paid mayor in 2012, earning $213,000 (she has voted to keep one-third of her City of Brampton salary tax free).

In November, documents revealed she had spent $186,000 in less than three years from her discretionary budget. Council also questioned her $1,400-a-month taxpayer funded lease of a Lincoln Navigator SUV on top of her $46,000-a-year limousine service.

Two weeks ago, the release of her travel expenses showed Fennell charged $185,000, mostly for hotels and airfare while on trips between 2008 and 2013.

Council has since introduced tighter spending rules and dramatically cut the mayor’s budget.