The People Speak : Immigration Prison Sentence; There’s Too Much Supply, Stephen!; Caste Is Crucial in Choosing Trade Delegates to India; Muslims Are Interested in Islamization

Taiwanese Immigrant Describes “Immigration Prison Sentence”

Bill C-24, which makes it harder to get Canadian Citizenship, has finally been passed, and I’m glad. But I think C-24 has not gone far enough. If it were up to me, I would make getting Canadian Citizenship much more difficult.

It’s really funny that so many people are against Bill C-24.

For example, the Chinese community actually has a “proper noun” to describe the period during which immigrants are obligated to reside in Canada in order to keep their PR (Permanent Resident or Immigrant) status.

According to the new Bill C-24, immigrants must live in Canada for 4 years out of 6 years. The proper noun that the Chinese have invented to describe the compulsory four years translates as ” Immigration Prison Sentence “.

This is a common term used and understood in Chinese communities, both within Canada and overseas.

The immigrants constantly complain about “Immigration Prison Sentence” to each other. They say they hate flying back and forth between Canada and China, and they do it only because they have to serve their “Immigration Prison Sentence”. In other words, they do it only because they do not want to  lose their immigrant status.

I mean, what the hell are they talking about ?! If they don’t like living in Canada, or if living in Canada is like going to prison, then they shouldn’t freaking-well come here.

Furthermore, how can any White Canadian person protest against Bill C-24 and defend these (Chinese) immigrants?

No offense, but these white people are so stupid that they don’t realize these Chinese immigrants have never had any intention to live in Canada. They just want all the freebies handed out by the government.

So why are we giving freebies and other benefits to them? These people are nothing more than visitors with permission to live and work in Canada. These people are not Canadian citizens, so why should they be treated in the same way as Canadian citizens?

Sorry, this topic always irritates me. Geees, how can anybody, particularly  any Canadian white person, protest against Bill C-24?

Bill C-24 helps weed out those people who have no intention of living in Canada. Bill C-24 helps eliminate those people who have no intention to contribute to Canada.

“Immigration Prison Sentence”? What a crock!!

If anybody thinks Bill C-24 is a drastic change to our immigration system, then they should see what my friends and I would have proposed for bettering our immigration system. Bill C-24 is nothing compared to our ideas.

My friends and I welcome immigrants because we are immigrants ourselves. But we hate those who simply want to take advantage of the system, and we hate those who are too stupid to see the true intention of these free-loader immigrants.


Canadian Student Says Job Market Has Too Much Supply and Not Enough Demand

It’s shocking how many people believe that high Unemployment in Canada (specifically among young adults) is due to “lack of skills, lack of education or laziness”. The real cause is LACK OF EMPLOYER DEMAND, not lack of “skills”. Many parents are now bankrupting themselves to send their kids to university because they believe it’s lack of education that prevents them from getting a stable job, when the reality is it does not matter HOW MUCH education you have. It’s whether or not the economy has enough positions for everyone that has your skills.

I have just graduated from a nursing program, a short term very practical course that guarantees starting wages at $21.40 an hour. The problem is there is too great a supply of people like me and employers are hiring people only on an “on call” basis. That means employees can rot on the side of the road until someone decides to call in sick.

I have applied for every position advertised. I said I was available every day of the week at anytime. I got ZERO responses. I had my resume professionally modified and ran it by several managers before sending it out. I showed up in person to inquire about getting hired, but employers told me to apply only on-line. I am a very hard worker. I juggle two fast food survival jobs, and may have to move to Alberta. Some areas in Alberta have such a high demand for people with my qualifications that they don’t even require the certificate to qualify for the job. It USED to be like that here in B.C. You didn’t even need the course to get the job, but now that the immigrants are all taking the same course and reducing demand for labor, employers take advantage of the situation and make you pay for your own training at local colleges instead of them paying you for training.

I am currently still applying for jobs, here in B.C. with my false hopes and wishful thinking. Being considered first (that is before immigrants) should be a right for every Canadian. Immigration needs to be stopped until the unemployment rate falls back down to 3% or lower in order to maximize demand for Canadian workers.

Most immigrants come here to the Lower Mainland where we do not need them. Why are immigrants continuously invited into this country when their chances of finding decent employment are so poor? As well, their incomes are expected to be lower. Recent immigrants have an unemployment rate of 13% and sadly they are willing to settle for less, because slavery is considered normal in their own country.

I appreciate the IWC website for listening to our stories and I hope that there will be a documentary on this issue in the future, to influence and educate the Canadian population so we can hopefully one day put an end to this.


Muslims Come To Canada To Proselytize

In the UK where I used to live, there have been many examples of where Muslims have taken over local schools and changed the curriculum and practices to fit in with Islamic beliefs. In towns and cities that have a high Muslim population, Muslims slowly take places on school boards and appoint Muslim teachers and Heads (Principals). Then, they change the rules in schools. For example, they segregate boys and girls, they introduce a dress code, and they make changes in many subjects to “reflect Islamic Values”

OFSTED (The UK’s Office for Standards in Education) are now investigating 21 schools in Birmingham to see what has been going on. One school in my old home town has been closed. Non Muslim Headmasters in 5 Birmingham schools have left their schools in the past 6 months as this infiltration and intimidation has occurred. (See an article on the OFSTED report below.)

Mr Tahir Alam, the Chairman of Governors at The Park View School in Birmingham, issued a blueprint for The Islamization of State Schools. His blueprint and the measures introduced by other Muslims are not isolated events but part of an organized programme. Four authorities are now investigating what has happened in Birmingham and elsewhere, including the Midland Police. This Islamization programme is in accordance with the duties of Muslims to proselytize.


When Canada Sends Trade Delegations To India, It Has To Recognize that Indo-Canadian Delegates of Low Caste Will Be Complete Negatives In Any Trade Negotiations

At both federal and provincial levels, Canada has targeted India, China, and the EU as prime “new markets”. This has happened because Canadian exports of energy to the US are in decline as the US exploits its shale deposits and becomes increasingly self sufficient in energy. I have a great deal of first hand experience in India and the whole of the Middle East. I mention here some examples of how our most senior political leaders have made basic errors in failing to understand cultural differences. The same comments apply also to many Canadians involved in lobbying on matters concerned with immigration policy. One common argument these people use is that by “accepting larger numbers of immigrants from outside of Europe, Canada benefits from cultural diversification and these new citizens are an asset to Canada’s drive for new international markets”.

However, it is usually fatal to appoint Canadians from an Indian background to be responsible for business development in India and the Sub Continent unless one is 100% sure of their Caste. If these people come from a low caste, they will be complete negatives in any trade negotiations. Caste is a critical element in Indian society.

I have heard federal and provincial leaders state that their “Trade Missions are led by people who have an intimate knowledge of India and speak the language” !! These people don’t know what they are talking about. India is a complex country. When I worked there over many years, India had 18 official languages. The only common language across all States and Territories was English.

Indian business “practices” are very different from those here in Canada. Family background and Caste are very important, just as they are in the British Aristocracy !! Just a few questions in conversation and an Indo- Canadian delegate to India may reveal his low pedigree. When this happens, conversations and business deals abruptly end. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Hardline Muslims tried to impose Islam in British city’s schools: government report

By By William James | Reuters – 19 hours ago

LONDON (Reuters) – A British government inquiry has found that hardline Muslims tried to impose an “intolerant and aggressive” Islamic agenda on some schools in the city of Birmingham, including separation of boys and girls in lessons and banning Christmas celebrations.

Some of the majority-Moslem schools invited speakers with known extremist views to assemblies and promoted organizations that would be categorized as ‘extremist’ under government classifications, according to the report by Peter Clarke, former head of London Metropolitan Police’s Counter Terrorism Command.

Hardline Muslims also tried to force schools to install governors and teachers who would support a conservative Islamic religious agenda.

“There has been co-ordinated, deliberate and sustained action, carried out by a number of associated individuals, to introduce an intolerant and aggressive Islamic ethos into a few schools in Birmingham,” Clarke said.

He said he had not looked for evidence of terrorism, radicalization or violent extremism, and he had not found any during the course of his investigation.

But he found “a number of people, associated with each other and in positions of influence in schools and governing bodies, who espouse, endorse or fail to challenge extremist views.”

Birmingham, in the English Midlands and the country’s second largest city, has a substantial Muslim population due to immigration from Pakistan, Bangladesh and India. The report, released on Tuesday, cited instances where pupils were banned from singing and listening to music, and forbidden to draw faces in art classes.

It also gave evidence of lessons being segregated by sex and discrimination against non-Muslims. Some schools had canceled Christmas celebrations.

Transcripts of electronic conversations between a group of male teachers at the schools showed evidence of homophobia and anti-western, anti-American and anti-Israeli attitudes.

The report said one of the schools at the center of the claims, Park View School, denied most, if not all, of the allegations against it. The school could not be reached for comment but last week issued a statement saying it had been the victim of a co-ordinated offensive from government bodies.


Education Secretary Nicky Morgan told parliament Clarke’s findings were “disturbing”.

“His report sets out compelling evidence of a determined effort by people with a shared ideology to gain control of the governing bodies of a small number of schools in Birmingham,” she said.

The so-called Trojan Horse allegations were first made in an anonymous letter to Birmingham City Council, prompting the government to launch a series of investigations.

A report by schools inspectors last month found a culture of “fear and intimidation” existed in some Birmingham schools, but was criticized by the Muslim Council of Britain, who said the inquiry could be viewed as a witch hunt.

(Editing by Angus MacSwan)