This Land Is Ours And We’re Going To Keep It


The immigration lobby likes to tell Canada’s majority population that it has no right to control immigration intake because it stole land from First Nations. The lobby implies that it would have treated First Nations much differently and that, if given the opportunity, it would do all it could to solve problems and create justice. But the attitude of many of them suggests that they, more than anyone else on the planet, are here to grasp, deceive, plunder, and loot. Overall, their goal is to intimidate, marginalize and dominate Canada’s majority population.

We present Aboriginal attitudes towards similar immigration lobby efforts in Australia, New Zealand, the U.S. , and Canada. Those attitudes provide considerable insight into how Canada should be defending itself.


“At one very politically correct immigration conference I attended, several immigrationists (immigration lobbyists) were going on and on about how Australia’s awful racist past could only be purged by multiculturalising the country as fast as possible and inviting in as many non-Anglo immigrants as possible. It took courage to speak against this tide, but, but I was angry enough to get up and protest at the hypocrisy of those who sought to appropriate for their own chauvinistic purposes the pool of moral credit that Aborigines had earned with 200 years of suffering. I also pointed out that if Australia had been stolen from the Aborigines, then inviting in the rest of the world to share the plunder would…(perpetuate)… the theft. Several Aboriginal people present in the audience kept silent all through this session, but immediately after it, the writer and activist Faith Bandler (Champion of Aboriginal rights in Australia) came up to me, softly took my hand, and thanked me for speaking out (against the immigration lobby).” ( Mark O’Connor, Australian writer and author in his book “This Tired Brown Land” )


“New Zealand’s Maori leaders, perhaps because they are more politically confident, go further. Ranginui Walker, (a Maori and) Professor of Maori Studies at Auckland University, has denounced multiculturalism and immigrationism as breaches of the Treaty of Waitangi (long-disputed agreement between the Maori and British). He also says they are ploys by the government to evade its bicultural responsibilities to its own indigenous people. Walker argues that most cultural transactions are one to one, (i.e., they are bicultural). And you have to master biculturalism first before you can try for multiculturalism. New Zealand’s immigration policy, largely copied from Australia’s, has been introduced, he claims, by a travesty of democracy. Immigration should be a decision for the electorate to make, or the legislature, never simply something for the executive to decide. ” ( Mark O’Connor, Australian writer and author in his book “This Tired Brown Land” )

(3) IN THE U.S. :

David Yeagley, descendent of Comanche leader Bad Eagle, argues that immigration to the U.S. has been turned into a virtual constitutional obligation to take anyone from anywhere. He says that people in every country have somehow come to think they have a right to migrate to any other country. This is a particular problem for the West because it is the desired destination of most migrants. He says that the lesson from the experience of North American Aboriginals is “Don’t let it happen.” For example, the West should look at the movement of Muslims into Kosovo. Their numbers grew to the point where the Muslims took over. Muslims are an obvious threat to every country in the West. The West is repeating the mistake that the American Aboriginals made : they are treating newcomers better than they treat their own people. The American aboriginals would have fared much better if they had acted in a primitive way. They should have said “This land is mine and I’m going to protect it in whatever way I can.” The West should be saying the same thing today. It has to be prepared to fight and to die in the fight for its territory because if it doesn’t, aggressive new arrivals will take its territory. What we are witnessing right now is the give-away of one country after another to migrants. Ironically, it is being done in the name of God. The Liberals who are doing this think they are operating on a higher moral level. They think it is wrong for anyone to keep anything (especially their countries ) to themselves. They think that if people have made the effort to get to the U.S., they have the right to stay in the U.S.


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To the immigration lobby, our treasonous CBC, and all the quislings like them who try to convince Canada that it should sacrifice its youth and surrender its territory, we end with this New Testament quote regarding the primary responsibility of a people to its offspring and to its population : ” Anyone who does not provide for his relatives, and especially for his immediate family, … has denied the faith….” 1st Timothy 5:8