Up Against the Wall, MP Candidates. Immigration Is The Issue


The recent shut-down of The Richmond Review, a community newspaper in Richmond, B.C. (population about 200,000, and a suburb just south of Vancouver) should set off immigration alarm bells in Ottawa and all across Canada. The alarm bells are particularly relevant now because our government has just declared that Canadians will be voting in a federal election on October 19.

Politicians who keep telling Canadians that unjustified high Immigration is not a major election issue in Canada and that Canadians should celebrate Mass Immigration and its benefits should take special note of the fate of The Richmond Review. Why? Because Richmond, B.C. is the proverbial canary in the coal mine called Canada.

The shut-down of The Richmond Review is a result of Richmond’s European-descended population being reduced to a minority. Being reduced to minority status in one’s own country should not just be one of many election issues. It should be a major election issue—if not the major election issue. Allowing such a thing to happen is equal to giving one’s country away.

What has already happened in Richmond is also happening in many other Canadian communities. Unless stopped, Canada’s mass immigration policy will turn Canada’s majority population into strangers not only in a large number of communities by 2030, but in their entire country not long after. In Richmond, the new majority are the Chinese. Those of the Mainland Chinese segment, with the collusion of our political class, are practicing in Richmond the Mainland China tactic that was used in Tibet and China’s Xinjiang province : overwhelming the local populations with Chinese. Other immigrant groups are doing something similar in many Canadian cities where the new majorities will be Sikhs, Muslims and others. It is no exaggeration to say that Canada is being invaded and Balkanized.

In the midst of all of this, Richmond, B.C. for many years has had two community newspapers : The Richmond Review and The Richmond News. In fact, The Richmond Review existed for 83 years. But on July 24, 2015, it announced that it was shutting down. According to the editor, “Recently, market forces have clearly indicated that while…(The Richmond Review’s) readership is strong, Richmond would be better served with one local newspaper.”

If readers want a translation of this statement, here is a very probable one : Richmond has been overwhelmed by Chinese who have their own newspapers. Chinese businesses have chosen to spend their advertising dollars on Chinese language ads in the Chinese papers, so advertising revenue for English-language newspapers has been considerably reduced. Competing with another English language newspaper such as The Richmond News for decreasing revenue is proving to be difficult. In fact, if the mass immigration situation continues and the English-speaking population of Richmond becomes an even smaller minority, then the remaining English-speaking Richmond community newspaper will probably also close down.

The immigration lobby and its supporters will downplay this event by saying that newspapers everywhere are experiencing many difficulties. In addition, many Canadians will say that the death of a community newspaper does not deserve much sympathy.

Admittedly, market forces were at play. For example, in December, 2014, two community newspaper groups (Glacier and Black) decided to ensure their share of community newspaper profits. They did this by further dividing the Metro Vancouver and adjoining Fraser Valley community newspaper market into two kingdoms. Black would take the east and Glacier the west. This meant that Glacier, which already owned The Richmond News, would buy The Richmond Review in 2014 from Black. Glacier thereby achieved a monopoly in Richmond. The obvious planned outcome of the division was to reduce competition in Richmond between Glacier and Black, to eventually close one of the two newspapers and for Glacier to send advertising production jobs to the Philippines and India.

But the overall point is that as a result of relentless Chinese immigration, the Richmond English language community newspaper market had declined precipitously while the Chinese-language market had greatly expanded. In fact, Chinese-language newspapers that circulate in Richmond and through other parts of Metro Vancouver seem to be doing very well. In fact, they could very well dominate in a place where English has long been the dominant language and is supposed to be one of Canada’s two official languages. Far from expressing alarm at this development, Immigration lobbyists and their political supporters arrogantly boast that “Metro Vancouver is an Asian City”. If gullible and naive Canadians needed confirmation that the immigration lobby views the immigration issue as a war between Canada’s existing population and unnecessary immigration, this immigration lobby boast is it !! It is very clearly saying that mass Asian immigration has won the Battle of Metro Vancouver.

Obviously, if federal politicians had been doing their jobs, they would have closed the floodgates. But they have betrayed Canada’s majority and have done nothing. Provincial and municipal governments could have helped considerably, but they have been equally treacherous. And if most politicians have their way in this election campaign, they will say nothing about the dire results of their inaction.

That is why Canadians have to put politicians up against the wall in this election.

As for The Richmond Review, here is part of the editor’s obituary : “This is a very sad day….Decisions that result in the loss of jobs to extremely dedicated and hard-working professionals are never easy to make. They’re anguishing.”

We will close with a comment from one of Immigration Watch Canada’s readers :

“Isn’t it curious that we often hear about the problem of invasive foreign species that displace and eradicate local ones, often because the invaders don’t have to face any predators in their new territory and can therefore multiply infinitely. And yet the same wording is seldom used when it comes to humans.”


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