Stopping Political One-Upmanship And Syrian Crisis Hysteria


(1) CONCEDE THAT THERE ARE WAYS OTHER THAN RE-SETTLEMENT TO BE HUMANE. World Vision CEO Reverend Tim Costello says “the [refugee] intake is the pimple on the hippopotamus” and “not really the main game.” “(The real issue is) “actually giving people hope in the camps that they’re secure, they’re going to be fed, that they don’t need to flee – and above all… go back home. That’s what they want to do. They just want to go back home, not come (to Australia), not go to Europe.”

William Bourke, President of Australia’s Sustainable Population Party. adds “Whilst an increased intake should be considered, the government’s plans to increase the intake by 12,000 will cost a conservative $500 million, or around $40,000 per refugee. How many people would $40,000 per year help to live safely in UN camps? According to the UNHCR, a donation of $300 per annum ‘can buy an Emergency Assistance Package to give a family the essentials for survival and shelter’. If we conservatively assume a family is four people, that’s $75 per person. For every one person Australia resettles, we therefore forego the opportunity to help over 500 people in what World Vision’s Tim Costello calls ‘the main game’ “. In other words, given the scale of the Syrian crisis, $500 million would be better spent helping over 6 million people in Middle East refugee camps than helping resettle 12,000 refugees in Australia.

(2) STOP THE POLITICAL ONE-UPMANSHIP AND LOOK AT UNDERLYING ISSUES. Hypocritical Canadian politicians have been exploiting the Syrian situation to make themselves look like heroes and great humanitarians. Examples of such exploiters are our four federal leaders who have been trying to outdo one another in their offers to take Syrian refugees to Canada; Weeping Premier Christy Clark and other premiers; and Greater Victoria Mayors and other municipal politicians. They should now put their tails between their legs, give their exploiting tongues a break and go back to grovelling on other issues.

According to Australia’s Wiiliam Bourke, “to achieve the aim of helping Syrians live safely now and ultimately sustainably in their homeland, we also need to address underlying drivers of resource scarcity and conflict in Syria, including rapid population growth. Syria’s population has exploded from 3.5 million in 1950 to 23 million today. This growth dilutes natural resources like food and water, and ties into “economic problems, education costs and living costs.”At the current extreme growth rate, Syria will reach around 35 million by 2050. This increasing resource scarcity fuels growing conflict between militias and religious groups. To help address the global population crisis, Australia should also increase its total family planning and reproductive health services foreign aid….,” Mr Bourke added.

(3) SEPARATE ECONOMIC MIGRANTS FROM REFUGEES. Contrary to what the immigration lobby and its propaganda arm (our CBC) says, neither Canada nor any developed country has an obligation or the capacity to take economic migrants (those looking for a so-called “Better (Material) Life”). There are hundreds of millions of economic migrants wanting to leave their countries , but if Canada and other countries allow them to do so, economic migrants will overwhelm them, further marginalizing their own needy whom they already say they cannot help adequately, and further giving up control of its borders. For example, Saudi Arabia claims that it has helped up to 2.5 million Syrians (probably with work visas), but according to one expert, the Saudis, who have given a considerable amount of aid to refugee camps, fear that giving citizenship to Syrians will overwhelm their own populations and they will lose control of their borders. Other Gulf states feel the same way. Canada and other developed countries, whose politicians are already well into the process of surrendering control of their borders through their support of senseless immigration intake, should take special note.

(4) RECOGNIZE THAT THE IMMIGRATION LOBBY IS EXPLOITING THE SITUATION IN ORDER TO MAINTAIN OR INCREASE CANADA’S IMMIGRATION INTAKE.  Canada’s immigration lobby and their band of screamers are now demanding even looser Canadian borders and an even higher immigration intake—-in spite of the fact that Canada has officially taken over 6 million immigrants since mass immigration began in Canada 25 years ago. These newcomers have overwhelmed many parts of Canada. But protecting Canada is not a concern of the immigration lobby. In fact, these people have contempt for Canada and demonstrate their contempt with such slogans as “No One Is Illegal”, “We are all Immigrants”, etc. People of a European background have been in Canada for over 400 years and have built a society that has its flaws, but is far superior to the societies that many of the ethnic immigration lobbyists come from. Yet, for years, Canada’s immigration lobby has been doing all it can to replace who and what Canada is with ethnic groups from such models of human societal achievement as Mainland China, India’s Punjab, Sri Lanka and others. To compound the damage, the immigration lobby encourages the new arrivals to treat Canada with contempt. It is no exaggeration to call these people quislings and to say that Canada should deal with them summarily ASAP.

(5) BEWARE OF THOSE CLAIMING TO BE REFUGEES. Undoubtedly, there are genuine Syrian refugees. And Canada’s immigration lobby likes to cite past efforts Canada has made to bring refugees here (Hungarians, Vietnamese and others) to shame government and suspicious Canadians into abandoning all caution. But they don’t say that the last time this abuse happened occurred over a period of 25 years starting in the mid-1980’s and ending just recently when Canada finally passed its “Safe Country” of origin law. This law very effectively refused claimants from safe countries such as Australia, New Zealand, the U.S. and all countries in Europe. However, during that time of vulnerability, Canada was exploited mercilessly by well over a million refugee claimants, most of whom were fraudulent. Canada spent several billion dollars every year for many years in processing these claims. These claims came from Sikhs living in Germany and in the Punjab, from Mainland Chinese, from Tamils in Sri Lanka and from many other ethnic groups in other locations. Successful claimants then brought in as many relatives as possible.

The Tamils from Sri Lanka were some of the more brazen exploiters. They arrived in Canada, often quickly made a claim for asylum on the grounds that they lived in a war zone, got in line for generous Canadian benefits, and then just as quickly returned to Sri Lanka !! In one year, about 90% of Sri Lankan claimants did this. The point is they were not living in war zones, but knew that some Canadians were gullible enough to believe anything they said—as long as they used the word “refugee” to describe themselves. Canada now has over 300,000 Tamils, one of the largest groups of Tamils outside of Sri Lanka, and one of the largest groups of abusers of Canada’s refugee system ever.

(6) ADMIT THAT THE FIRST CHEATING IN THE SYRIAN CRISIS HAS ALREADY BEEN EXPOSED. Consider the following : a German newspaper has reported that “An ISIS terrorist posing as an ‘asylum seeker’ has been arrested by German police in a ‘refugee’ center in Stuttgart, Germany and German customs officers have seized boxes containing Syrian passports being smuggled into Europe”. In other words, migrants from everywhere have been told that all they have to do is provide a fake Syrian passport and a gullible agent will believe they are from Syria. Even The New York Times says “that growing numbers of Iraqis have been “emboldened by the recent wave of news coverage showing their countrymen and fellow Arabs fleeing the war in Syria and reaching Europe.” “Iraqis are actually flying on Iraqi Airways to Istanbul, and from there are making the crossing into Europe to claim “asylum.” According to the New York Times, Iraqi Airways recently added two new daily flights to Istanbul from Baghdad to accommodate the increased demand. “


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