White Student Union Flyers Incite a Legitimation Crisis in Canada

White Student Union Flyers Incite a Legitimation Crisis in Canada

Flyer calling for a White Students’ Union, posted on three Toronto campuses

by Obimbola Chibuzo

A major legitimation crisis hit three Canadian universities last week when a few flyers calling for a White Students’ Union were posted by a group called Students for Western Civilization. “We do not condone this. We find it offensive,” said Ryerson administrator Michael Forbes. “We need safe spaces on university campuses” against this act of aggression by Whites, said a member of Ryerson’s “Racialized Students’ Collective”. The York University Federation of Students even said the flyers were “violent” and have made students “feel unsafe, harassed, and unwelcome”.

Anti-White Hysteria and Double Standards

Can you believe this? We are speaking about three university campuses in Toronto (Ryerson University, York University, and University of Toronto) all of which are one-hundred percent dedicated to the promotion of diversity and all of which have multiple unions for non-Whites along racial lines. At Ryerson alone, we find the following race-oriented unions:

African Students’ Association
United Black Students Ryerson
Caribbean Students’ Association
Afghan Students’ Association
East African Students’ Association
Indian Students’ Association
Chinese Students’ Association
Indigenous Students Association
Organization of Latin American Students
South Asian Alliance
Sri Lankan Student Alliance
The following image welcomes students interested in finding information about these unions: Welcome image of Ryerson Students’ Union, a place for everybody on the campus ­ except the people who founded this university and the entire nation-state of Canada.

Ryerson, York, University of Toronto were all created by Whites; in fact, universities are a singularly Western invention (see addendum for a collection of expert sources), and all the disciplines taught at them, physics, chemistry, history, anthropology, biology, sociology, philosophy etc. ­ are fields of research invented by Whites.

Ethnic unions exist at every university in Canada, and while it is true that there are a few unions for particular European ethnic groups, Portuguese and Italian, these unions tend to be folksy-oriented, whereas the ethnic unions for non-Whites are heavily infused with ethnic affirmation, proud signs about their traditions and history, and not a word about how they killed natives in their homelands or how much they love the cultures of others. But more importantly, there are many student unions formed strictly along racial lines, “Black”, “Asian”, “Aboriginal” and even “Jewish”. There is not a single union for Whites or Europeans generally. And these racially-oriented unions by non-Whites are very outspoken in their racial affirmation: check the blatantly anti-White club called “United Black Students at Ryerson”.

Reverse racism is l’ordre du jour at campuses in Toronto and Canada. Every ethnic group is allowed to organize along racial lines but not Eurocanadian students. How can leftists claim that this does not constitute a blatant
double standard?

So why the insane hysteria against three flyers advertising a White student union? I can only think of one reason: the entire pro-diversity structure in Canada (and the West at large) is premised on the expectation that the Whites, the pioneers and nation builders of Australia, New Zealand, Canada and America, must relinquish their nations to diversity. But why not allow Whites to celebrate their racial identity in the same way as Asians, Aboriginals, and Blacks? Are they fearful that the moment Whites self-identify as a race, or as ethnic groups with a common European identity, the entire system of lies about how we are all immigrants and how Canada has always been diverse, will be exposed?

Are they fearful that once Whites get together as Whites, they will start reasoning about how they created Canada, how non-Whites are exploiting the anti-White sentiment imposed by our traitorous elites, how non-Whites are using White ideas about humanity and universal right to advance their own particular ethnic interests?

As if this were not enough, the Black journalist Desmond Cole, who has made a career solely from writing about how Whites keep Blacks down and in prisons, is now insisting, in yet another article about the flyers (see below a list of press articles, excluding multiple ones in Chinese) that Whites who claim there is a bias against them must be designated as “White supremacist” (see here for leftspeak decoding), and dealt with at the “root”.

“Our unacknowledged assumptions, and our language about human diversity are better indicators of racism and discrimination than the impolite outbursts we seem so prone to recognizing. The clumsy expressions of hatred on local university campuses this week are like weeds ­ we can tear out the unsightly offshoots that pop up, but ultimately we have to address the problem at its root.”

Imagine; at the bottom of this article, which is dated September 17, it is stated that Cole’s column, “as of today, will appear every Thursday on the Toronto Star.” The Star, apparently, has agreed to give Cole a weekly column in response to the legitimation crisis brought by the posting of three flyers. The Toronto Star, be it noted, is the major circulation newspaper in Canada.

It may be that Cole already thinks that Canada is some African barbaric state where dissenters are regularly muzzled. But we need to expose these claims for what they are asking: total submission of Whites to non-Whites pursuing their own racial interests; total silencing of Whites who talk about Western civilization and its achievements. Cole likely has no clue about the immense intellectual greatness of the West; instead he says that any White who is interested in learning about this civilization and feels any pride in its achievements is a White supremacist who must be rooted out from Canada. Even those who “sympathize” with the idea that the teaching of Western civilization is valuable should be rooted out as racist. He writes,

“it is important to challenge and oppose Duchesne, Students for Western Civilization, and their sympathizers. But we must also recognize them as merely the leading edge of a racist undercurrent in Canada, a mainstream fear that insists White people are under attack, but skilfully avoids examining what Whiteness is or where it originated (emphasis mine).”

Cole’s previous writings consisted of sporadic articles accusing those who spoke about “Black-on-Black violence” as racist; never mind “Black-on-White violence”, which is not even a conversation anywhere in Canada. But now, apparently, he will be in charge, in his regular Thursday columns, of hunting down, destroying careers,  ostracising, and designating as “White supremacist” Canadians who even sympathize with White unions or believe that the teaching of Western Civilization is important. The Toronto Star believes that students will learn more from reading his columns than reading about Western Civilization.

“Racialized Minorities”

Notice how Cole and all the critics of White unions regularly use the term “racialized groups” to designate non-Whites. This is a new Orwellian term the left has now implanted in social science textbooks intended to allow cultural Marxists to say, on the one hand, that race is a social construct and, on the other, that non-Whites have a right to group themselves along racial lines. Whites are not only a construct and do not exist, but should not be allowed to form unions, for doing so is a continuation of their “racialization” of non-Whites. Whites invented races when they colonized the world, and having invented races and racism, non-Whites were “racialized”, and in order for non-Whites to overcome their racialization, they need to form racial unions. As the York Federation of Students has said, “the term Western civilization is nothing more than colonialism”.

This is now the standard curricular line of reasoning in all Canadian universities: Whites who create unions are trying to racialize non-Whites; non-Whites who create unions are fighting White racialization. And since White racialization is “systematically present” in all European nations, non-Whites must be allowed to form unions.

This reasoning is pure sophistry as can be easily revealed once we realize that
Europeans appear to have been the only colonizers because they were the most sophisticated at colonizing, inventing the best navigational techniques and weaponry;

Europeans were the ones responsible for the abolition of slavery upon otherwise recalcitrant Africans and Moslems who love to enslave their own people and anyone different;

the current generation of Whites has nothing to do with racializing non-Whites;
non-Whites crave to come to European lands because they are superior and less racist than their own places of birth;

non-Whites are simply exhibiting a naturally human preference for their own ethnicity when they form ethnic groups;

non-whites hypocritically borrow cultural Marxist ideas which prohibit Whites, and only Whites, from forming racial groups.

Once Whites are educated properly to see through the fog of ignorance and anti-White teaching at our universities, they will see that forming White or Eurocanadian unions, groups and associations, even political parties, is consistent with the principles of liberalism, free association and freedom of speech. It is also consistent with our natural disposition to prefer our own ethnic groups and race.