How I Explained the New Left To My Son

The following is a translation of a Le Journal de Montreal column by Richard Martineau  titled : “The Left Explained to My Son”

Daddy, what is the Left?

It is a political force that was created to defend the people

What do you mean by “the people”?

Well, the workers, the labourers, the peasants, the poor…..These were the people that the Left traditionally used to defend.

Why do you say “used to”? The Left does not defend them anymore?

Not really, no!


Because the Left realized that the people did not vote for them any more.

Why have the people stopped to vote for those who defended them. It does not make sense!

Because the people realized that, despite what it says, the Left did not really defend its interests

I do not understand

Take crime for instance. Who are the major victims of crime? The poor. It is amongst poor people that crime flourishes. Where there is misery, problems of drug addiction and
alcoholism, of spousal violence….it is mainly the poor who get robbed and beaten up.


So, the poor wish for the system to be harsher with criminals. And who supports that, actually? The Right, not the Left. So the poor have started to lean to the Right.

But does not the Left help the workers, the low income earners?

Before, yes. But nowadays, the unions are big enterprises who protect mainly bureaucrats who benefit from excellent working conditions (pension funds, job security) or the construction labourers who earn excellent wages. We are quite far from the times of Emile Zola !

The unions protect their members, adopt measures that are detrimental to the young, when they are not squarely bedfellows with the bosses or organized
crime—- as we have witnessed during the Charbonneau Commission Inquiry….

Result: The people have slowly abandoned the Left…. Look what is taking place in France : It is the people who vote for the National Front, not the upper middle class.The people are sick and tired of living in overpopulated and violent neighbourhoods where radicalism grows and communitarianism takes place…

It is the people who get hit hard in the face when integration policies fail, not the upper middle class individuals who live amongst themselves in their neighbourhoods and send their children to private schools where they are educated in the old style…….

Who then does the Left defend, if it is not any more followed by the people?

The marginalized, the trans-gendered, the immigrants, the pseudo-artists and intellectuals.The Left has no interest in the worker anymore. He is too
reactionary, not progressive enough.The hero of the Left now is the immigrant, the refugee….Especially if he worships a divinity other than the God of the Catholics…. It is he that the Left is courting.

Not surprising, then, that Leftists are asking to raise immigration quotas! This segment of the population is their target!